So we have about 4 million non-integrated Muslims in Germany,
so now the German government admits that the Counterjihad is right.
Stunning. After all the years of labeling those of us in the anti-Islamization movement, the Counterjihad, as racists, nazis, islamophobes and bigots, just for pointing out the obvious, the head of the German government then admits what we have been saying all along. Will there be an open apology to us, an airing of the wrongs and injustices directed towards us?
What about the Pro-Köln movement, that was branded racists and nazis by the German MSM, and the rest of the political “self anointed elite? Are they going to issue an apology towards that movement who wishes to maintain the German character of their city? And then there’s the Sweden Democrats, which was badly maligned in the German press, especially during the Geert Wilders speaking event in Berlin, where the Tundra Tabloids participated. Being referred to as “nazis, xenophobes, racists”, the SD, at the hands of the German MSM has been demonized for pointing out the EXACT SAME THING in Sweden, that the German chancellor was pointing out in her recent speech to her supporters in the CDU. 
Is there going to be now a rash of articles in the Swedish media labeling the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, a racist, xenophobe and bigot, for pointing out the gross failure of the multicultural project in Germany? I think not, they’ll however ramp up the rhetoric against the SD in the Swedish media as some kind of revenge for the Merkel remarks. Multiculturalism can only fail wherever it is tried, it will never produce an ideal situation in which two or more different cultures live side by side in harmony and bliss, because of human nature, that will seek to secure more rights to itself at the expense of the other, in order to survive.

“Her comments come a week after she held talks with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which the two leaders pledged to do more to improve the often poor integration record of Germany’s estimated 2.5 million-strong Turkish community.”
This happens to be one of the more significant statements in the article. There is a vast difference, or gulf, between what this Mohammedan wants, and what those of us want who are fighting against Islamization. If Merkel for an example, insists on the Turks and other minorities in living in Germany on learning the German language, then she leans closer to the ideal of assimilation being the key to having a successful nation. 
Assimilation however is what Turkish PM, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has called a “crime against humanity“. In other words, Erdogan wants there to remain, very distinct cultural differences between the host German majority and immigrant Turkish Muslim minority communities, something of which multiculturalism has shown to be a complete abject failure. 
The Tundra Tabloids takes the American approach, the two step method, that demands from the immigrant to first integrate into the host society, and then eventually, through the process of time, being in the workplace, local friends and generational changes, the identity of the immigrant community becomes more and more closely related to that of majority.
As immigration in America has shown, assimilation doesn’t mean an immigrant forgetting their cultural past, which can be celebrated in the manner any immigrant family chooses. Lets’ face it, there’s still St.Patricks day parades in key cities of Irish immigration, but the identity of these descendants of immigrants is an American identity. Jews have assimilated into American society (and into Finnish society), and have maintained their Jewish heritage, which is celebrated openly, as much as any other group, but they are considered Americans first (and Jews in Finland, Finns first). 

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Merkel’s speech with English talk over:

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