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The boarding of the Mavi Marmara has got to be one of the more badly reported incidents to have taken place right before a camera lens, especially in the few days following the incident. While Israel’s detractors in the media complained of the lack of access and video footage to the IDF’s military action inside the Jenin refugee camp, as reason enough for their  faulty reporting, here in the incident of the IDF’s boarding of the Mavi Marmara, they have no excuse, none whatsoever. The truth of the matter is, they could care less what actually happened, and took to reporting the incident as an opportunity to blacken the image of the IDF and Israel on the world’s stage. KGS
NOTE: Will there be any mention in the Finnish media of this new discovery, a Turkish journalist who was there, witnessed the events up close, and portrays the events as depicted in the original Israeli press releases, that the IDF did not open fire until they realized that their own men were being viciously attacked and their lives in danger?
From the, The Meir Amit, Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center: In a TV interview, Turkish journalist Şefik Dinç, who was on the Mavi Marmara and wrote a book about it, said that no shots were fired from the Israeli helicopters and that IDF soldiers did not open fire until their lives were in danger. The interview clearly contradicts the IHH narrative.
Channel 1, September 24, courtesy of Channel 1 and Oded Granot

Şefik Dinç: “When the soldiers came on helicopters and started landing on the ship, they did not fire. It wasn’t until the soldiers were met with resistance and realized that some of their friends’ lives were in danger that they began using live ammunition” (Channel 1, September 24, courtesy of Channel 1 and Oded Granot).

1. On September 24, the Turkish journalist Şefik Dinç granted an interview to Israel’s Channel 1. Dinç witnessed the Mavi Marmara confrontation and described the incident in a book he wrote, titled Kanlı Mavi Marmara (The Bleeding Mavi Marmara). His account is fairly balanced, giving considerable weight to events that he personally witnessed and experienced.1
2. In the interview granted to Channel 1, Dinç reiterated a key point he brought up in his book. He said that he had seen with his own eyes that IDF soldiers who descended from the helicopters on the Mavi Marmara did not fire at the passengers. According to Dinç, it wasn’t until the soldiers realized that some of their friends’ lives were in danger that they began using live ammunition.2
3. Dinç’s descriptions as well as additional remarks given in the book he wrote and in the interview are consistent with the testimonies of the Israeli soldiers who boarded the Mavi Marmara. They completely contradict the narrative constructed by the IHH about the flotilla events, which relies on the biased testimonies of activists who were on board the Mavi Marmara. Those testimonies were the basis for the prejudiced, one-sided report compiled by the UN Human Rights Council and, we assume, will be key in Turkey’s report to the UN fact-finding mission.
The cover of Şefik Dinç’s book, The Bleeding Mavi Marmara
The cover of Şefik Dinç’s book, The Bleeding Mavi Marmara

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