They believe that they are a law unto themselves, and as long as they are allowed to continue in believing that it’s true, they present a real danger to British society. Think about it, they are actually getting a hand from the British judiciary, who recently dismissed a court case against a gang of thugs who caused over £180 000 worth of damage to an arms factory because they were doing so to stop “Israeli war crimes”.
So a British idiot judge suspends British justice in the case of firm, practicing legally under British law, just because he believes that Israel is an evil state. The judge should be automatically removed from the bench, with another judge put in his place and these thugs retried under the full extent of the law. So here’s another situation in which Leftist thugs, now emboldened by their “get of jail free card”, are waiting with their hammers to target another business. Israeli cool has more. KGS
NOTE: This warped sense of “justice” is the same thing being played out in Sweden, with the Sweden Democrats having an open season painted on their backs by the Swedish main stream media. It’s sick.

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