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Face facts you ‘self anointed elitists’, you don’t speak for the average Finn, and you’re petition is full of hypocrites. Take for example the former Finnish FM, Erkki Tuomioja who signed the petition, during his time as acting Foreign Minister for the SDP controlled government, weapons contracts with Israel were valued over 100 million euros. Like I said, these people are major hypocrites. There are no petitions for ending Finland’s weapons contracts with Egypt, Ethiopia as well as other Muslim states it does continual business with,…. just Israel. Hmmmmmm.  KGS

One of the few moments the TT can agree with Stubb
YLE: Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb says weapons contracts with Israel have been relatively small during the current government’s time in office. He made the comment during his visit to Jordan on Sunday.
Finland’s weapons industry contracts with Israel amount to 17 million euros annually.
Stubb told reporters that the arms trade was more large-scale when Erkki Tuomioja was Foreign Minister.
Stubb’s comments were in reaction to a Palestinian petition demanding an end to arms exports to Israel. The appeal carries many Finnish names, including that of Social Democratic MP Erkki Tuomioja. The petitioners say arms exports support the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.
Foreign Minister Stubb is accompanying President Tarja Halonen on a five-day visit to the Middle East that began on Saturday

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  1. It is always easy to convince leftists, because they are ignorant of facts and live in their illusions. Finnish lefts are not different.

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