Tommy Robinson: “People want to say that we are racists, that we are fascists, that is the weakest argument to our cause. What is the easiest way to get away from the argument, is to say that they’re racists, they’re Nazis, they’re Fascists. The truth is, we’re not Nazis, we’re not Fascists, we’ll smash Nazis the same way we’ll smash militant Islam.”

EDL DEMO IN LEICESTER (The Baron fisks the Gaarudin)

NOTE: Go to Durotrigan blog for more info on the demonstration in Leicester yesterday, plenty of video material and analysis.

UPDATE: Here’s another video from the EDL rally, an excellent speech!

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  1. The radical Leftist UAF start fights – deliberately go there to do so. Then they blame the violence on EDL for "inciting hatred and violence".

    The MSM laps up the KoolAid, takes photos of "racists" and "thugs" with blood on their faces and turn the victims into oppressors.

    But people are beginning to realize they can no longer trust the MSM. The MSM are losing influence because people know they are biased, that they have their own agenda and they deliberately bury, warp and distort the truth.

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