Influential Finns seek to tarnish themselves and Finland on the international level

These Finnish “self anointed leaders” are the typical brand of suspects one would find supporting such a boycott of arm sales with Israel, they all hail from the Left and very hard Left. These include the former Finnish FM Erkki “Ol’ Scruffy Tuomioja(SDP), the Stalinist Greens party MEP, Satu Hassi & Heidi Hautala, loon international law (non-) expert, Martti Koskenniemi, Forensic dental expert Helena Ranta, the well known(in Finland) anti-Israel bull horn, professor Pertti Multanen etc.

It’s not so much news that this collection of Lefty actors, political hacks and members of pseudo human rights organizations are against Israel, they have long been vocal in their anti-Israel hatred in the media and in their blogs and websites. This provocation however, has to be taken into context with the Finns new found infatuation with the “peace making business“. Various voices within and outside of the Finnish government have been sounding their desire to make Finland a recognized player internationally in brokering peace between feuding parties who seek an alternative to hostilities.
[NOTE: Finnish FM A.Stubb is a great believer in Turkey as a fair broker in the peace trade ]

What’s also interesting is that the release of this list of signees calling for the Finnish government to end its arms trade with Israel, was timed with the release of the Helsingin Sanomat article that reported on the list. So there was a tacit relationship between the two sides, an agreement of sorts, that the HS article would announce the list and that both sides would publish it online almost simultaneously. A nice cozy cooperation exists between the media and these activists. KGS

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids provides the full list of these loons in English after the HS article.*
UPDATEFrom Vasarahammer: “The involvement of Helsingin Sanomat can be explained by the fact that one of the signatories, Anu Silfverberg, works for the rag. MP for Leftist League Pentti Tiusanen is well known for his connections to former East German intelligence service Stasi. Leena Reikko used to be Yle correspondent in Israel. Charles Nordenstreng has brainwashed generations of journalists during his tenure at University of Tampere. There are quite a few former stalinists on the list.”


“The list includes several high profile Finnish politicians, academics, actors and intellectuals. Among them is Erkki Tuomioja who once – while foreign minister of Finland –compared the Israeli army to the Nazi army and Hannu Reime whose article on the Finnish Jewry during WWII was published in the weekend section of Haaretz. Other famous petitioners were Aki Kaurismäki, whose film The Man Without a Past was nominated for an Oscar and Jörn Donner, who has established himself in politics and cinema.”

Finnish leaders: stop arms trade with Israel

10.10.2010 5:39


A number of significant influential Finns have signed a petition in which Finnish is required to stop the arms trade with Israel.
Petition signatories accuse Finnish that it is trade policy choices, “provided substantial support for Israel’s biggest arms companies” and thus contributed to the continuation of the conflict between the state of Israel and the Palestinians in the Middle East.
Those who are along with the Human rights group ICAHD’s demands are  among others, MP Erkki Tuomioja , MEPs Satu Hassi , Heidi Hautala , and Sirpa Pietikäinen and filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki . All in all there are over a hundred and fifty signees.
Israel is important for Finland as an arms trade partner. Abundantly over the last decade, An NGO report finds that Finland has purchased from Israel Armed Forces, more than 150 million euros worth of military equipment, from an NGO report.
Shopping list was Spike anti-tank missiles, unmanned Ranger2 aircraft, the Hornet fighter target tracking system and field radios and communication systems.
Erkki Tuomioja said the signing of a petition opposing the arms trade, that therefore, Israel can no longer be treated as a normal partner in arms deals.
“Not as long as it continues its expansion of settlements and the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and does not show convincing signs of a genuine desire a lasting peace agreement.”

* Helsingin Sanomat, published today, Sunday, 10.10. an article about Finnish and Israeli arms sales. Petition to stop the arms trade is currently signed by 153 well-known Finns, and it is still open to new entrants. A list of well-known (20) Finnish signatories from the science, art and political circles started the petition and it has received a broad level of support. These names appear on the homepage. See a list of all the signatories to this.
See the text of the petition.
  1. Aki Kaurismäki, film director
  2. Satu Hassi, MEP (Greens)
  3. Heidi Hautala, MEP (Greens)
  4. Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP (Conservative Party)
  5. Erkki Tuomioja, Member of Parliament (SDP)
  6. Martti Koskenniemi, Professor of International Law, University of Helsinki, Erik Castrén Institute
  7. Petman Jarna, University Professor of International Law
  8. Patomäki Heikki, Helsinki University professor of international politics
  9. Pekka Koskinen, Helsinki University Professor of Criminal Law
  10. Teivainen Teivo, University of Helsinki, World Politics, Professor, Department of Political Director of the Institute
  11. Kristiina Kouros, the Human Rights League Secretary-General, international human rights organizations, union Vice-President
  12. Sinikka Hurskainen, MP (SDP), the Council of the Finnish delegation to the President
  13. Jouni Hemberg, Finnchurchaid international labor leader
  14. Helena Ranta, the right dentist, University of Helsinki
  15. Jörn Donner, writer, film director
  16. Suosalo Martin, actress
  17. Tommi Korpela, actress
  18. Sophia Jansson, Moomin Characters Oy, Ltd., Art Director and major shareholder
  19. Putro Samuel, musician
  20. Outi Mäenpää, actress
  21. Abu-Hanna Umayyad, journalist and writer (Lying Arab propagandizer)
  22. Airaksinen, Jaana, editor, Into the cost of managing
  23. Alanko-Kahiluoto Outi, MP (Greens)
  24. Arja Alho, a researcher, PhD, freelance writer
  25. Claes Andersson, writer
  26. Janina Andersson, MP (Greens)
  27. Andersson, Jan-Otto, Ph.D., Researcher
  28. Antti-Jussi Annila, filmmaker
  29. Arhinmäki Paavo, MP, Chairman of the Left Alliance.
  30. Risto Autio, MP (middle), actor, screenwriter
  31. Aleksi Bardy, Writer, CEO of Helsinki-Filmi
  32. Zaida Bergroth, filmmaker
  33. Elina Brotherus, photographer and video artist
  34. Cantell, Saara, filmmaker
  35. Cavonius, Gunnel Wrede, psychotherapist
  36. Enckell Carolus, painter
  37. Maarit Feldt-Ranta, Member of Parliament (SDP)
  38. Fieandt-Jäntti Mariaana, writer, actor free
  39. Haapasalo, Alli, filmmaker
  40. Haaranen Anne, Save the Children director of international programs
  41. Hakanen George, the Communist Party, Chairman of the Municipal Council
  42. Arto Halonen, film and documentary director
  43. Harpf Tiina, editor
  44. Outi Heiskanen, a specialist in child psychiatry, psychotherapy
  45. Helle Anna, PhD, scholar
  46. Hentilä Seppo, University of Helsinki, Professor of Political History
  47. Hertzberg, Lars, formerly Professor of Philosophy at Åbo Akademi
  48. Hirvasnoro Kai, Editor
  49. Ijäs Kaisa, poet
  50. Ikonen, Teemu, University of Helsinki, Docent, Researcher
  51. Risto Isomäki, science fiction, and fiction writer
  52. Jankeri Ville, filmmaker
  53. Jantunen, Jyrki “Njassa”, Helsinki, radio journalist, DJ, musician
  54. River Markku Sipilä, PhD, Researcher
  55. Jäntti, Mariam “Manna”, musician
  56. Jäntti, Markus, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University
  57. Heli Järvinen, MP (Greens)
  58. Jylhämö Kim, editor of the Force
  59. Kaarina Kaikkonen, sculptor
  60. Kalela Jorma, University of Turku, political history, Professor Emeritus
  61. Kantokorpi Mervi, critic
  62. Kantokorpi Otso, editor, critic
  63. Karukoski Dome, filmmaker
  64. Katajala Kim, University of Eastern Finland Finland Professor of History
  65. Jukka Kekkonen, University of Helsinki, legal history and Roman law, Professor
  66. Pauli Kettunen, University of Helsinki, Professor of Political History
  67. Kirkkopelto Esa, the Theatre Academy of Artistic Research Professor, Vice Rector
  68. Kiuru, Krista, MP (SDP), the Finnish Red Cross, Chair
  69. Knihtilä Elina, actress
  70. Knuuttila, Seppo, University of Joensuu Folklore Studies, Professor, Chairman of the Kalevala Society
  71. Dan Birch Valley, Left Youth Association President
  72. Timo Kontio, Social Democratic Youth Association President
  73. Anna Kontula, Ph.D., sociologist, City Council
  74. Koponen, Juhani, Helsinki University of Development Studies, Professor
  75. Johanna Korhonen, editor
  76. Jukka Korpela, University of Eastern Finland, Professor of History, History and the Department Head
  77. Johannes Koskinen, MP (SDP), Municipal
  78. Krista Kosonen, actress
  79. Kumpula Natri Miapetra, MP (SDP), Municipal
  80. Mikko pit, MP (left), a local councilor
  81. Kupiainen Antti, University of Helsinki, Academy Professor, Helsinki Science Prize 2010
  82. Kuuskoski Martti-Tapio, the young editor of the Force, art researcher
  83. Kylliäinen Antti, priest, author
  84. Kyllonen Merja, MP (left), provincial and municipal councilor
  85. Jaakko Laakso, MP (left)
  86. Elina Lahelma, professor of education at the University of Helsinki
  87. Mikko Lahtinen, science by the year 2007, so & so long the editor of the journal
  88. Mika Laiho, the UN Peacekeeping Forces: UNIFIL 1991-1992, 1994-1995, Croatia, Bosnia 1996-1997
  89. Lapintie Annika, Member of Parliament, the Left Alliance parliamentary group chairman., Municipal
  90. Lausti Stephen, the former editor, foreign correspondent
  91. Liimatainen Liisa, a journalist and fiction writer
  92. Juhani Lilja, chairman of the committee for peace job
  93. Lillqvist Catherine, film director
  94. Lindberg, Susan, Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Tampere
  95. Stefan Lindfors, designer, decorator and sculptor
  96. Laura Lindstedt, a writer, scholar
  97. Laura Lodenius, Executive Director of the Peace Union
  98. Matinpuro Teemu, champions of peace by the Executive
  99. Merikallio Katrina, journalist
  100. Meriläinen Rosa, fiction writer
  101. Karri Miettinen “Paleface”, musician
  102. Milonoff Eero, actress
  103. Kirsi Monni, University Professor of Theatre
  104. Multanen Pertti, Helsinki University of Development Studies lecturer, researcher of the Middle East
  105. Päivi Muma, Finnchurchaid Regional Representative, West Africa (2009 in Gaza, “Psycho-Social Adviser”)
  106. Jussi Nikkilä, actress
  107. Nikkilä, Marja, editor
  108. Nordenstreng Charles, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tampere
  109. Nordenstreng Mark, a musician and journalist
  110. Reino Nordin, musician and actress
  111. Nylén Antti, novelist, essayist
  112. Ojala-Niemelä, Johanna, MP (SDP), Municipal
  113. Emilia Palonen, University lecturer in cultural policy, freedom to choose otherwise Association President
  114. Otonkoski Lauri, writer, Finland Pen Club President
  115. Emmi Pesonen, actress
  116. Pekko Pesonen, screenwriter
  117. Kimmo Pohjonen, the musician’s 1996, 1997 and 1998
  118. Pulliainen, Erkki, Member of Parliament (Green)
  119. Red Hill, Raija-Leena, a psychologist, a professor of psychology at the University of Tampere
  120. Jukka Rantala, University of Helsinki, Professor of Education Sciences
  121. Maria Berry, actress, director and singer
  122. Leena Reikko, editor
  123. Hannu Reime, journalist and author
  124. Rimminen Mikko, writer
  125. Janne Ronkainen, Finland’s Trade Union Solidarity Centre (SAKS), Executive Director
  126. Saara Saarela, filmmaker
  127. Salmenperä Aleksi, filmmaker
  128. Salo, Matti “Asa”, musician
  129. Risto Salomaa, film producer
  130. Ville Sandqvist, actor, theater director and drama teacher job
  131. Janne Seppänen, Department of Information Sciences and professor of visual journalism
  132. Anu Silfverberg, editor
  133. Sinisalo, Johanna, the author of the Finlandia Prize in 2000
  134. Sipiläinen Ilkka, Lutheran. Church social work secretary
  135. Howard Smith, the artist
  136. Suolahti Elina, publisher
  137. Riikka Tanner, writer
  138. Teal Henry, poet
  139. Tiusanen Pentti, MP (left), surgeon
  140. Torikka Timothy, actor
  141. Nils Torvalds, Swedish People’s Party Vice-President, Editor
  142. Pia Viitanen, MP, Social Democratic Party’s Vice-President, City Council
  143. Vikstedt Tea, a former racing cyclist, City Council (left)
  144. Ville Virtanen, actress, Stella Polaris founders
  145. Henri Vogt, University of Turku, professor of international politics
  146. Volanen Jack, actor
  147. Sinikka profusely, writer
  148. Mount Antti Rinne, Daily News Demari newspaper news editor and blogger
  149. Wallgren, Thomas, Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki, City (SD)
  150. Paavo Westerberg, actor, screenwriter and director
  151. Maaria Wirkkala, visual artist, Ars Fennica Prize 1991 and the Pro Finlandia medal in 2008
  152. Matilda Wrede-Jäntti, PhD, Editor
  153. Mikko Zenger, editor

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