René Stadtkewitz speaks while Geert Wilders claps
in Berlin, 2.10.2010 (photo TT)
The Tundra Tabloids finds it odd that a British writer for aTurkish paper (Todays’ Zaman) bemoans the political state of affairs in Europe which sees the rise of Islam critical parties, while completely ignoring the fact that it’s the influence of Islam as a religious/political in Turkey under the AKP, which has directly influenced and underlined the positions promoted by these same parties he disparages in his column.
Writing in the Today’s Zaman, professor Ian Buruma, of Bard college, makes mention of the Dutch Freedom Party of Geert Wilders, the Danish People’s Party, led by Pia Kjaersgaard, and Jimmy Akesson’s Sweden Democrats, in saying that they “claim to be the defenders of Western civilization against its main enemy: Islam.” 
Interestingly enough, Buruma, without exception, fails to note the reasons why these political leaders, and their parties, have become relevant in today’s European political landscape. He  fails to mention that it’s the valid threat of the erosion of these European civil liberties, such as the freedom of speech and the gradual chipping away at their liberal democracies and the destruction of their cultural heritage as a whole, being ignored by the political self anointed elite, that has given life to these new political parties.
He does though pay lip service to the latter point, but only in passing: “They share a feeling of being dispossessed by foreigners, of losing their sense of national, social or religious belonging.” But it is indeed a valid threat facing Europeans as a whole, and their fear is indeed wholly justified. Europeans who are waking up to the valid threat Islam poses to their societies, are in fact rejecting the possibility, (no matter how remote you may think that might be) of their countries becoming a present day Turkey, or even worse, devolving into a state resembling that of Pakistan or Egypt.
Interestingly enough, while Buruma bemoans the electoral gains of the PVV, the SD and the DF, he fails to point to the activities of the AKP that currently rules Turkey, which has continuously stuck it’s nose in European domestic affairs, in its call for the Turkish diaspora to not assimilate itself into European culture and society. The AKP has even gone as far as courting European/Turkish politicians and informing them that their allegiances to Turkey supersedes their loyalty to the perspective European states in which they were elected.
No ladies and gentlemen, the threats Islam presents to Europe are as valid as the fears it creates, and the will of the people is being responded to by the formation of these parties he so willingly disparages as “populist”, which is nothing more than a euphemism for “something all good people should disdain”. It’s all they have to throw at us, they have nothing else left, their own political ideology of candy coated multiculturalism is as bankrupt as their socialist dreams of an utopian welfare state.
Note how he takes aim at the American Tea Party movement, a movement by the way, that’s founded on the strict observance of the US constitution, as a member of the “populist club”, but an Obama administration, who’s president ran a campaign that included his own fake presidential seal, an iconic photo of “hope & change”, mass faintings in the crowds of his true believers who left these events thinking that they wouldn’t have to fill their gas tanks anymore or even pay their rent, …. somehow doesn’t quite qualify as one.
Ian Buruma is a left-wing ideologue who finds it more important to bolster his fellow socialists in Europe and in the US (Obama and like ilk) than in addressing the actual truth behind the rise of these parties, his refusal to admit anything about the present AKP’s role in highlighting European fears of Islam, should not go unnoticed. KGS
NOTE: Special thanks to Tundra Tabloids reader, Will, for bringing this column to the TT’s attention. You can read the entire article here.

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