Well that’s what happens when Leftists have screwed up society over the decades, everything is race, race, race, even when it’s not, not, not. The fact is, it was anti-EDL demonstrators waging a battle against the EDL, whose numbers were more than likely comprised of people from the Islamic community, the portion of the Islamic community that support sharia in some form. But don’t expect the media to print it as such, because there is everything to gain from making it into a “racist” issue, and everything to lose if they don’t. KGS

The Leicester: Violent clashes have broken out between EDL supporters and members of the local black and Asian community. Large groups of supporters have become involved in skirmishes with youths in the area of Humberstone Road, Leicester. They ran away from the main protest site in Humberstone Gate East to a nearby main road where they confronted gangs of local youths.

Sporadic fighting broke out between the two sides while riot police sought to maintain control. Kent Street, in Highfields, is currently cordoned off by police. Officers have formed a line to stop hundreds of people getting through the cordon. Riot police are also in Charles Street, where skirmishes were going on at about 4pm. Follow the latest thisisleic Twitter updates on Leicester EDL protest.

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