Al-Ahram: “But sources close to the decision-making process in Ramallah now intimate that Abbas is more disillusioned than ever with the “futility and pointlessness” of the peace process and that he may well depart “in order to retire with his dignity intact”.”

You’re kidding us, right?

Listen up folks, every time you hear about Abbas worried about the “Peace Process”, place it immediately in the context of his wanting to torpedo any process that would result in anything positive, because the minute it’s granted he and his close knit faction within Fattah stand to lose it all.
The only reason why Abbas has been able to stay in his position as a fake PM, is due to Israel and the US, plus all the funding coming in from the Europeans. The moment they declare a defacto Palestinian state, is the moment all the big guns come out. 
If you think you’ve seen brutality during the Hamas takeover of Gaza, you haven’t seen anything yet, as every faction within the fractured entity called the “Palestinians”, bring out their own private arsenal with one thug faction fighting it out in the streets with the other, at times being allied before eventually turning against each other. KGS

Take it to the bank, we hate each other 
as much as we hate the Israelis!

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