The false notion that Gaza is facing a humanitarian tragedy is a widely disseminated meme, bought, paid and swallowed whole by the lib-media and happily spread as a part of their activist journalist agenda in helping their pet project, Hamas Islamonazis and their Arab supporters. Here’s just one more window into the lie that Gazans are starving and in dire straights. KGS
NOTE: After the Tundra Tabloids had been reporting on the Gaza shopping mall and on other noticeable examples that shed light on the real state of affairs within Gaza, Finland’s YLE hack journalist shill for Islamofacism, Sanna Negus, finally reported on it. Yes, the shopping mall is now a symbol of resistence to the blockade, not an example of the lie perpetrated abroad of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. What a joke.

H/T: Al Avai

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