Melanie Phillips: In his remarks this week, Blair repeated the canard:

He emphasised that the achievement of a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians would remove ‘much of the poison which the extremists use’.   

But the one and only reason why there is no peace settlement is that the Arab and Muslim world, including Fatah and Hamas, are themselves poisonous extremists, in that they openly refuse to accept Israel as a Jewish state ever —not because of the settlements, not because of Israeli intransigence, but because they have a fundamental problem with the Jews.
…. The Islamists don’t hate the west because of Israel. They hate Israel and the west above all because of their pathological, psychotic hatred of the Jews. And the horrifying fact is that it is this pathological, psychotic hatred that is being stoked up by the west’s adoption of the false ‘narrative’ of Muslim oppression – while the ‘peace process’ that Blair has so assiduously promoted for so many years, and which is based on the tragically naive premise that this is an argument over land boundaries, gives the Islamists every incentive to continue their manipulative and murderous ‘strategy of stages’ towards Israel’s destruction and the defeat of the west.

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