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STEFCHO contacts the Tundra Tabloids to see if this petition could be widely disseminated. 

“I’m calling for compulsory labeling of halal food because in the UK (and Europe) halal meat is being sold to people without them even knowing. I complained to Tesco (largest UK supermarket) and they told me they have no intention of labeling their products… so it looks like because Muslims like halal, everybody else has to eat it too! Anyway, here is the petition I started (today):


So folks, please take the time to sign up and spread this around the internet. Much obliged. KGS

3 Responses

  1. Thanks KGS and all Tundra readers. Your signatures are all very welcome.

  2. Campbell products are now off my shopping list, while we still have the freedom to do so.

  3. In addition to signing the petition, write or e mail these various firms and tell them that you will no longer patronize them.

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