This should be grounds enough for a mistrial. This reeks to high heaven of blatant bias, and to think that he does so without a care, speaks legions. KGS

KLEIN VERZET: Before the screening we already had the first incident, a woman (plaintiff) asked if she could leave the room. She did not want to see Fitna she declared. The president of the court answers:

I can imagine

Wilder lawyer complained, he could not believe what he just had heard (again a value statement of the court).

See incident here:

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  1. Fitna is only made from excerpts of Muslims talking about their own religion! If Fitna is hate speech then Islam is hate speech.

  2. Fitna is indeed short if a half decent collection of a broader range of extremely radical Islamists were put in a film it would take up an entire viewing season. Don't take my word for it , just check out the devious demagogues on You Tube Spewing hatred and calling for the world wide jihad and the implementation of Sharia Law and the Islamisation of the world.

  3. Islam is as Islam does… it really doesn't get any simpler than that.

  4. That judge then proceeded to LIE and say his 'I can imagine' does not imply anything about the content of the movie Fitna. LIAR! Truly the Dutch courts are corrupt and biased against the truth. Disgusting.

  5. Judges are supposed to be impartial and objective. In this case, clearly not so as disclosed in the uncalled for comment: "I can imagine".

    He played the dumb I can't understand your objection to my comment role to a "t" but already had shown his initial bias.

    The man is a disgrace. At that point the trial should have aborted.

    The political establishment has overstepped the mark in this disgraceful case.

    It can only redound in favour of Wilders no matter what these intellectual pigmies conclude.

  6. The Judge is a disgrace to the country. A judge must be completely impartial and unbiased – completely. By saying "I Can Imagine", is making a reflective value statement showing agreement with the plaintiff's complaint. Absolutely intolerable – and then he tried to lie and wrangle his way out of what he said. Why is he still there?

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