Here is a brief rundown on Geert Wilders’ first day of trial, all this happened while the TT was in route to Finland. KGS
Geert Wilders’ trial on “hate speech” charges was adjourned last spring, and has now reconvened in the courtroom in Amsterdam. A postponement has become a possibility, if a judge must be replaced for making a statement containing bias, as Mr. Wilders’ lawyer has asserted.

Klein Verzet has a report on the first day of the new proceedings against Mr. Wilders:

Today, it was the 1st real trial day in the prosecution against Geert Wilders and his opinions. The event is broadcasted live on Dutch state television and it’s quite a story:

The first amazing thing was that the court wanted to show Fitna in court. That means that for the first time, Fitna will be broadcasted on Dutch national television.

Second surprise was that at the start of the trial, Wilders his lawyer, unexpectedly stated that Wilders would use his right not to answer any questions during his trial, as he as his lawyer had advised him to do so.

His lawyer also asked the court to allow mister Wilders to make a small 2 minute statement in order for him to explain this decision. During the short statement Wilders defended free speech and declared that he has said what he has said and does not take anything back from it. Also he added that he can’t guarantee that anything that is attributed to him is also actually said by him.

The president of the court Jan Moorse then wanted to debate Wilders his decision, but again Wilders repeated that he wouldn’t not answer any questions in court. Then judge Jan Moorse amazingly did not accept his statement in which he took his right not to answer the court and even allowed himself to make a value judgment about it.

Geert Wilders had his first day in court in Amsterdam today (they are six hours ahead of EST), where he faces five charges of “inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims and insulting their religion” in his short movie Fitna.

The opening of the trial, expected to last a month in Amsterdam, followed a successful weekend for the maverick Dutch politician, with his influence over a new rightwing government confirmed and a campaign speech in Germany aimed at establishing a trans-national European movement against Muslim immigration.

Proceedings were derailed after the judge made a sneering comment about Wilders’s rhetorical style:

Wilders then asserted his right to remain silent for the rest of the trial, prompting a comment from the presiding judge, Jan Moors, which was challenged by Wilders’s lawyer.
Moors said Wilders was known for making bold statements but avoiding discussions, adding: “It appears you’re doing so again.”

I thought the right to silence was pretty well established in the court proceedings of civilized nations, and it is news to me that judicial proceedings have “discussions” as one of their purposes. The Euro-establishment is out to get Wilders, though, and they’re not going to be fussy about methods. If they don’t take this man down, their whole worldview is imperilled.

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