Costs of Mass Immigration France


Well, close readers of the Tundra Tabloids knows full well what the TT thinks of the welfare system, but this story is of such gross contempt for teh system that it almost makes on feel sorry for the socialists…almost I said. KGS

Vlad: This is a scam that should piss off even Mafiosi if they have ever paid a dime of tax on anything. This goes beyond contempt for the system. This is about making a fool of every honest, law abiding, human being in France. And if this is policy in France, where else is this the case and we just don’t know about it? We need some serious researchers world wide.

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  1. As I have stated before, follow the money. With those billions of Euros being doled out without proper accounting or documentation I fear that some of it could be 'donated' by the 'faithful' to ones favorite Imam or Radical Mosque. IMHO the French are financing their own destruction.

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