We could have predicted this, with the tepid marching orders and rules of engagement Obama has hamstrung the military with. There has to be an exit strategy formulated in a way that doesn’t leave the Taliban feeling victorious on the battlefield. The US led NATO forces must stay there long enough to put a major hurt into the Taliban that will take them years to re-cooperate from. That means all out war in all its ugliness, and dump the present rules of engagement. KGS

Karzai’s tears: Afghan president breaks down on national TV over fears ‘next generation’ will flee war-torn country

President Hamid Karzai today broke down in tears as he called on Afghans to ‘come to their senses’ or risk seeing the next generation flee the country. Speaking on national television, he identified members of a peace council that will attempt to seek a political rather than a military solution to the Taliban insurgency. And he spoke of his fears that the problems in the country could drive his son Mirwais away from his homeland.

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Taliban: If you don’t kill us we’ll be seeing you soon!

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