France Islamization LONDON


Vlad and the TT both agreed privately that it’s highly ironic that a French TV news org. is making this documentary-report about London’s slip into the land of “Dar al-Islam”, seeing that the French have no room to point fingers, since their cities are marching toward full Islamization as well. If the report helps to wake up the French populace to their own situation, all the better. KGS

3 Responses

  1. That is rich. The French trashing England's islamization while their own islamization occurs at a breakneck speed.

  2. No worries…We'll both be part of the Caliphate soon John.

  3. we need to press our politicians about the need to stiffen our resolve against Islamization. Just complaining isn't going to do it, we have to fight back through out legislators, and if they won't do something about it, threaten them with job replacement.

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