Follow this thought for a moment. A Europe that’s responsible for the genocide over 6 million Jews during WWII, then followed that despicable, evil act by importing tens of millions of anti-semitic Muslims over the next 5 decades, that refuse to integrate into its societies, and who will eventually end up extinguishing Europe’s own culture and civilization, begins to rally for the Jewish state of Israel. I guess it could be called …ironic, and long overdue. KGS

Italy and Europe to Rally for Israel

I have been writing about a possible second Holocaust against the Jewish state for a long time now.
I am pleased — but that is not the right word — I am saddened, sobered, and frightened by the fact that others have now joined me in this view. Many of the distinguished academic presenters at Yale University’s superbconference on global anti-Semitism shared at least a part of this vision.
Aaron Klein wrote a book with the terrifying title: The Late Great State of Israel. Recently, Italian parliamentarian and author of Israel is Us: A Journalist’s Odyssey in Understanding the Middle East, Fiamma Nirenstein, asked me to write a piece for the important Italian newspaper, Il Foglio. My piece will appear in their pages right before an October 7th rally for Israel which will take place in Rome at the Temple of Hadrian. Speakers include the former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, professor Shmuel Trigano, politician and journalist Giuliano Ferrara, plus scores of European parliamentarians and intellectuals.

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