Benjamin Jealous: I aim to create friction in society, 
and I’ll use any means available to do it.
Benjamin Jealous is a disgrace, and should step down from the chairmanship of the NAACP. How dare he compare articulate, reasoned, principled opposition to Obama’s healthcare agenda with the roundup of Jews, the looting and burning of their homes during the two days of the Kristallnacht and white supremacism. The man is just one more race baiting bigot and demagogue from the Democrats, another Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, who continue to stoke the fire of racism with the hope of starting something.
The Black American community should demand the removal of this idiot before he helps to orchestrate a race war initiated by blacks who buy into his snake oil salesmanship, and wrongly deem themselves to be disenfranchised by “white America” and the Tea Party in particular. The man is a disgrace and dangerous. Obama exhibits the exact same thinking of the NAACP chairman, though he’ll gauge his words more carefully, and will refuse to distance himself from the disgraceful Benjamin Jealous. KGS
Breitbart: Speaking from the pulpit of a church, Benjamin Jealous likens opposition to the Obama policies to turmoil in the reconstruction era, Kristallnacht and white supremacist groups. This is very different than the Benjamin Jealous who goes on television to insist that the vast majority of the Tea Party members are not racist. It seems Mr. Jealous has one story for a national television audience and another story for the captive audience in a North Carolina church.

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