Soros is a major scum bag, literally. Whatever he touches turns to crap, except for himself and his stock holders. He’s up to his neck in funding all kinds of projects meant to turn the US into a 3rd world backwater state, as well as finding deep pockets to help screw over the Israelis. It would please the Tundra Tabloids immensely to see this jerk wearing an orange jump suit breaking rocks over at Rikers Island prison facility.

H/T Melanie Phillips

Only connect…

Melanie Phillips: The great Eli Lake has now shown that the J-Street lobby group, which despite its claims to be pro-Israel in fact works against its every interest, has secretly received funding from the billionaire financier George Soros, who funds a slew of organisations which are in the business of undermining western civilisation.
Soros’s contributions to J-Street, says Lake, represent no less than one third of the group’s revenue from US-based sources over the year between 2008 and 2009.
As Michael Goldfarb explains in the Weekly Standard, this revelation has totally smashed the credibility of J-Street, which had repeatedly given the strong impression that Soros — who has taken a consistently hostile attitude towards Israel and criticised the US decision not to negotiate with Hamas –was not one of their funders.
Now on American Thinker, Ed Lasky gone one stage further. Drawing on a report on Politico, he firms up the link he had previously suggested between Soros and Obama’s right-hand man, David Axelrod:
I thought that was a logical presumption: Axelrod has a lot of experience creating fake grassroots groups such as J Street (so-called Astroturf groups) and also probably would have had dealings with Soros, the emperor of such groups as MoveOn.Org (and now J Street). This speculation now may have its smoking gun. Axelrod has been the beneficiary of Soros’s money in the recent past. Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Axelrod’s firm (he still has ties there and receives money from the relationship) has been on Soros’s payroll-at least indirectly. The ties go back to at least 2004…
The association between Axelrod and Soros makes perfect sense when you consider Axelrod’s extremist past as charted by Aaron Klein in his book The Manchurian Candidate. Drawing on information excavated by investigative blogger Trevor Loudon – who has done so much to expose the radical links within Obama’s background and current inner circle — Klein writes that Axelrod ‘s career was heavily influenced by Communist Party radicals, including a paid Soviet agent.

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