This is what a drive-by spaghetti screed comment looks like, and the only reason why the Tundra Tabloids publishes it, is to show how thick skulled and superficial people can be, and how effective the main stream media has been in misreporting many of the key issues mentioned in the two minute hate screed:
What a hogwash. What tundra tabloids.. it’s all about one can see from the header. So you are against Islamic extremist? Did you know that it was the CIA that created Al Quaida, trained and sponsored the Taliban?
98% of all terrorists is state sponsored terrorism mostly by CIA and MI6. So you don’t want refugees from Iraq? Stop supporting those who invaded Iraq and stole it’s oil. About half million Iraqis leave Iraq every year since it’s illegal occupation by the USA, UK and other “willing” nations. 911 was an inside job nothing to do with any Islamic group. Yes it is true that more and more Muslims come to Europe every year. What to do? Stop bombing their countries and stop supporting oppressive regimes while undermining any real democratic development. Saudi Arabia the most oppressive country has excellent relations with the USA. How come? And why does the Bin Laden clan own 7% of the USA and are best friends with the Bush family? The true enemy for Europe is Anglo-American imperialism. Most Muslims will go back when their countries are free from their oppressors which are for the most part from the West. Refugees is a war related issue ( see American imperialism ) or a human rights issue ( oppressive Islamic regimes are being supported by the USA )Did you knew that even Saddam was working for the CIA once? As did Osama Bin Lade, as did Noriega and the who Al Quaida BS was created by the CIA and still runs for the CIA. 2 months prior to 911 the USA were transporting Mujaheddin fighters to Bosnia.
The real danger ( to 98% anyway ) comes from racist uneducated bigots like this racist website.

Poetry of a madman!

1.) The US did not create Al-Qaida, the CIA was backing the Afghanis that were aligned with and/or followed Ahmad Shah Massoud, also known “The Lion of Panjshir”. He was assassinated -a few days before 9/11 attacks on the US- by the very Taliban he and the US were arrayed against, Communists who changed their flags from Red to Green after the Soviets were kicked out of Afghanistan.
2.) Why move to the land of those supposedly doing all the bombing. Are these Muslims masochists? No one has stolen Iraq’s oil, it’s still in the ground. The overwhelming percentage of those set to benefit from Iraqi oil, are the Iraqis themselves, and numerous non-US drilling companies, the US stake in Iraqi oil is slight.
3.) UNSCR 1441 called for serious consequences for Saddam’s Iraq if it was found not to be in compliance with UN weapons inspectors. That they were playing cat and mouse with these inspectors, something that UN weapons inspection chief Hans Blix testified to as being the case, as well refusing to be absolutely forth coming about their weapons systems etc., allowed for the resuming of hostilities against the Iraqi dictatorship.
The UN was still technically at war with Iraq, hence the Chapter 7 resolution status of UNSC 1441. Saddam had no right to deny, stonewall or obfuscate on anything to do with missing, hidden or invented WMD stockpiles. He is guilty of his own propaganda escapades and muscle flexing and solely to blame for the war starting. the occupation of Iraq was never condemned by the UN as illegal.
4.) 9/11 was not an inside job, and those who think so are silly assed fools who piss on themselves in public like their mentor, Iranian holocaust denier and genocidal maniac, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Pulling off an “inside job” with thousands of people in front of the world, while GWBush is blamed for failures in Hurricane Katrina, or any other government bungling for that matter, makes your claims the rantings of a lunatic.
5.) Nut-jobs such as yourself would blame the West for not giving the Arab Middle Eastern states any funding at all, (ending the funding is something that the Tundra Tabloids supports by the way), so no matter what the US and the West do or don’t do, nut-jobs such as yourself will whine anyways.
7.) US politicians from both sides of the aisle are friendly with the Saudis, and it’s something that has to end, in that we can agree. Where you get your figures from one could only guess, probably from the same box of crackerjacks you got your decoder ring perhaps?
8.) Muslims will go back to their countries when they cease being swamp holes for fundamentalist Islam, reject being human rights violating states, and blueprinting the US in just about every way except for the US Democrats and Republican RINOS.
9.) The TT has already answered about 9/11, and Al-Qaida, of which there never has been any US support for , we can thank lard ass Michael Moore for your understanding of the recent historical record over the past two decades, his crap films have poisoned the minds of the many weak minded.
10.) The real danger (100% of it), comes from mentally disturbed inmates such as yourself whenever they escape from their wards and reach a computer hooked to the internet.

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