Honor Violence


The statement would be humorous if it weren’t so serious of an issue. The queen of Jordan, the last bastion of direct European involvement in the making of Arab states, (funny Arab apologists never mention that when speaking about evil “Western Imperialism”) wants everyone to believe that honor murders in the Middle East and elsewhere have nothing to do with Islam, though Christian Arabs and Jews and other religions living in the same region as the followers of Mo, do not have problems with honor murders. Who’s she kidding? Certainly not Tundra Tabloids’ readers. KGS

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  1. While I don't have the stats, I am pretty sure that there is no other religion but islam that has honor killings! She said it happens in non-muslim countries, but fails to say it is muslims who do the killing. She is "Palestinian" by birth and her "husband" has just acted to remove Jordanian citizenship from "Palestinians" living in Jordan. She is a bad joke.

  2. In my profession this is just a classic example of the logical fallacy of confirmation bias.

    You start with your fixed opinion, you go through a farcical process of what is risably considered "reasoning" – rejecting any fact that doesn't fit your preconceived opinion in the process – to arrive at your destination – the place where you started out from!

    Go to any page of letters to the editor in any wide circulation newspaper and you see it everywhere.

    Politicans are past masters of this kind of fakery.

  3. Lets put it this way, this woman could have only spoken in this way about honor murders not being Islam related, otherwise she would face unwanted troubles.

    The major issue is the media seeking out people who can only answer in a specific way, the media is the greater problem here, not the taqiyya spreading queen.

  4. Yes but the media deliberately seek out media tarts whom they know are incapable of objectivity, integrity, coupled with a good dollop of mauvaise fois.

    Without the media tarts (male and female) much of the media would have nothing to say.

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