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It was never the intention of Abbas and his cohorts to conduct honest negotiations, so he falls back upon the tried and true gimmick of crying like a girl, instead of what he promotes himself as, a leader. It’s hard to imagine a Western leader acting this way, and for Western media commentators and politicians to not expect the same behavior from Abbas, is akin to saying that as an Arab, Abbas can’t be expected to behave like a Western leader. Such thinking is a form of racism, in a false “humanitarian” kind of way.
So which is it going to be? Is the Obama administration going to succumb to the cry-baby antics of Abbas, or are they going to demand that he act as the leader he portrays himself to be and stop his whining and negotiate? The Tundra Tabloids has its own thoughts on how it’s going to play out, but someone has to demand the adult behavior from a supposed leader, it would be great for the media and the politicians to demand and expect that as well. 
NOTE: The TT just recently asked the following that goes hand in hand with this post, so that’s the reason why I republish it. “Why is it that on one ever asks the obvious question as to why the Arabs are always given a free pass whenever they insist that Jews have no right to live in the ancient Jewish homeland of Judea and Samaria, while there are over 1.2 million Arabs currently living in Israel? Why is a Jewish home being built such a tragedy, while an Arab Muslim home is a right? Answer that one”. KGS
J’Lem Post: Chief Palestinian negotiator says “an end to construction is needed so that peace process can progress”; William Hague urges Israel to renew moratorium. Chief Palestinian Negotiator Yasser Abed Rabbo claimed that a continuation of building in the settlements will lead to a suspension in direct negotiations and the whole political process, Israel Radio reported Monday. “An end to construction is needed so that the peace process can progress,” Abed Rabbo said during a interview with Palestinian Voice Radio.

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