The unfortunate brainwashed young:
We’d rather be hitting the school books and be with our friends 
instead of learning to recite hateful propaganda in the madrassa
While there may be some truth behind the lag in skills of immigrant Muslim students in comparison to their ethnic Finn counterparts, due to their own language skills as well as their parents, this is not a new phenomenon. All immigrants coming to the US for example, have had to struggle with language issues etc.. What makes this even more of a problem, especially for Muslim students coming from very strict Muslim households, is the hours spent in madrassas instead of cracking the school text books and playing with ethnic Finns. KGS

NOTE: Perhaps the big giveaway of the denial or ignorance of the school system and the media that wrote the story, in this case YLE, is the heading of the story, ”immigrant youth”, when in reality it’s predominately Muslim immigrant youth that are having the problem.

Immigrant Youth More Likely to Miss Out on School

Young people with immigrant backgrounds are more likely than other groups to miss out on schooling. In many cases, school age immigrants abandon their studies because of language problems or discrimination.
A conference of young Muslims however called on their peers not to give up on education.
On Saturday young Muslims from across the country gathered to exchange ideas about education. The theme reflected a concern among immigrants about education.
Young immigrants are twice as likely as other groups not to benefit from upper secondary or vocational schooling. Very often, when they do attend school they have to work harder than others.
“I had to study twice as hard as the others and to figure things out. Especially when I was in lower school, my parents couldn’t help me with my studies or homework because of the language barrier,” said Iraqi-born Zahra al-Take.
The biggest reason for the distance between immigrants and school is their poor Finnish language skills. Racism also puts a bitter taste in schoolyard experiences for many, forcing non-Finns to abandon their studies more frequently than others.

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