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Thanks to Esther over at Islam In Europe for reporting on this important find. The more one digs into the suspected connections of top and middle level Muslim politicians with radical fundamentalist Islamic groups, the more one finds a close and cozy relationship between them. This is a major deal and needs to be spread far and wide. KGS

H/T: Reinhard
Islam in Europe: A top official in Rotterdam, Bilal Taner, is in contact with a Turkish radical-Islamist organization, which is fiercely anti-Israeli and anti-American, openly supports the Hamas terror organization and glorifies martyrdom for Jihadists.
The warm personal connection with Rotterdam senior adviser Bilal Taner was recently clarified when he was extensively congratulated in an orthodox-religious manner on the Haksöz Haber website for the birth of his daughter. This website serves as a platform for radical Islamists, anti-Israeli and anti-American authors. The radical Turkish movement reject societies which are not based on the Koran.
The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism wrote in a 2005 report that “Haksöz is a Turkish-language Jihad website which glorifies martyrdom, calls for resistance against the occupation in Iraq and the Palestinian territories and shows torture scenes in Iraq”. The website shows photos of dead Hamas members with titles such as “to the light of the Koran” and “The martyrs light our way.”
The movement supports the armed struggle of Hamas, Which is called a terrorist organization by the EU. In the German-language American Jewish Committee 2006 report “Antisemitism – Made in Iran” (Antisemitismus – Made in Iran) it says: “The goals of Haksöz include uniting Muslims in the battle against Israel and the United States”.
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  1. TV Talk: Sarrazin Makes Waves Even In Austria

    On the ORF 2 talk show “Club 2,” the subject of Sarrazin was raised here yesterday. Udo Ulfkotte clearly and precisely answered the question regarding the solution to the problems that all of Europe is having with Muslim immigrants, “My suggestion is, and I’ll say it directly, instead of integration commissioners — since integration brings blame, it can’t be expected that others fincially support the one — there should be repatriation commissioners. For those who don’t intend to integrate.”


    Repatriation is one possible answer to avoid a civil war, which will be a disaster for Europe, Muslims, and the world.

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