This is another example of the sane that exists as a majority within any western society, who can see through the mist and fog of the nonsense thrown up by the self anointed elite, who in their quest to promote their divide and rule statism, trash all common sense and rational thinking. Thanks to the Baron for posting this. KGS
The Baron: Last night our Flemish correspondent VH translated a summary of a discussion among four Dutch legal scholars about the need to acquit Geert Wilders of the hate speech charges against him. Tonight, as a follow-up, he has translated a much lengthier report on the same meeting from DePers:

This prosecution does not befit a civilized country

Wilders case: “There must be a response to Wilders. Just not with criminal law.”

by Kustaw Bessems

Ellian, Sackers, Zwart and De RoosWhat Geert Wilders evokes may be rancid, ugly, ridiculous, offensive or immoral. Yet he must be acquitted, as four lawyers emphatically argue.

Here in the last century, was the Restaurant Royal. Here Queen Wilhelmina ordered her rice with Thymus vulgaris for lunch. And for a while the Cabinet came to eat here. According to the plaque on the facade of the building, Constantijn Huygens — poet, composer, and secretary of the Princes of Orange, lived here for a few years in the early seventeenth century. After him the regents and foreign noblemen came and went.

The focal point of politics is still nearby, at the Binnenhof [Parliament buildings] and het Plein [office of the PM]. But here, at the Lange Voorhout no. 44, The Hague, scholars have the last word: the Leiden University’s the Hague Campus is located here. And in the dark wood-paneled stile-room, four professors gather for a conversation about the trial of one of the most important politicians of the moment. About a charge of [presumed — translator] insulting Muslims, incitement to discrimination, and inciting hatred. A conversation about the Wilders case.

“I am here because I think it is disastrous that this prosecution is taking place,” Theo de Roos says, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the University of Tilburg.

More here.

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