The Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO), is solely the only belief system in existence that’s  becoming increasingly illegal to criticize and poke fun of, solely because it’s deemed to be the belief system of a minority class of people. On the one hand it’s always described as being a minority belief group (within the West) while on the other hand it’s always touted as being a worldwide religion with over 1.2 billion followers. 
They, the members of the multiculti PC clique insist on having it both ways, their way,  which means that this major belief group with over a billion followers are being afforded with a ‘special minority’ protected class status. It’s such thinking that has led to the bizarre multicultural policies taking place within the UK and elsewhere, that treats individuals differently because they belong to “different groups”. 
Take for example this Marilyn Manson rock video in which the artist burns a copy of the bible:


There was no outrage by the government, nor did it raise an eyebrow within  the halls of the British legal system, nor should it have, but when a group of guys burn a Koran behind a pub and put it on Youtube, then automatically the Lords of Multiculturalism spring into action. But that’s the heart of statist driven multicultural philosophy, to divide and rule, which is something a government couldn’t hope to force upon a society that’s grounded in the ideal that it’s comprised solely of individuals. In such a society, identity driven politics would be deemed the divisive, counterproductive system that it is, and roundly rejected. KGS

H/T Kitman

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