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You see, the New Zealanders could care less what you think about halal slaughter and that you’re being sold meat offered to the moon god allah. It would be good for the world to know that 70% of New Zealand’s lamb meat is Muslim, in order for a boycott campaign to be set into action. “Just Say No to New Zealand Halal Meat.” Spread it around. KGS

Daily Mail: More than 70 per cent of the New Zealand lamb sold in Britain comes from halal slaughterhouses without the fact being declared on the label.

All the slaughtermen in these establishments must be Muslim and say a prayer when making the cut across the animal’s throat which kills it.
The New Zealand meat industry has taken the step to ensure its lamb can be sold in Muslim markets round the world.
It emerged last week that British restaurant chains and venues such as Wembley and Ascot are serving up different types of halal meat without telling customers.
In conventional slaughterhouses, animals are stunned before they are killed by having their throats cut. However, in most Muslim countries, halal means the animals must not be stunned first.
The trade body Beef & Lamb New Zealand said the form of halal slaughter used there does allow for the animals to be stunned.
A spokesman said: ‘In New Zealand the process for halal slaughter is virtually the same as for non-halal slaughter.’ 
He said there was no need to label the meat as halal on animal welfare grounds and it would too expensive to introduce labelling simply to provide the information.

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  1. That's it. Pork for me unless other meat is certified non-halal and non-kosher. The Kiwis can sell their lamb to the Japanese, who'll eat practicall anything.

  2. Thanks Sheik and Stefcho, I'm posting another story on this with your updates.


    p.s. Tom, you'll never go wrong with pork.

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