The Great Fall of Islam
The Tundra Tabloids published a few days ago about, Hamad Abdel-Samad, and his views that Islam is in decline, or better put, in an ever increasing downward spiral. To those of us who follow these issues it’s welcome news, and perhaps offers a window of hope, that in the eventual crash and burn of the Mohammedan belief system, that there’s nothing left other than to abandon it entirely. 
This runs counter to the accepted (failed) meme that: “Islam has experienced many periods of rise and decline, periods of calm complimented with benign rule and tolerance for the non-Muslim, as well as periods of intolerance, pogroms of minorities (most notably Jews) accompanied with campaigns of wars and conquest, in other words,  jihad. All that is needed,   or can be hoped for, is for Islam to find itself once again through internal debate and self critical thought, and rejoin itself to the civilized world.”
In other words, Islam is álso comprised of moderates and the world must be patient enough to allow time for the moderates to gain the upper hand and mold, influence the mohammedan belief system into a “kinder and gentler form of Islam”. I believe it’s not too dissimilar from what the soft Left believed during the then decline of the Soviet Union. Gorbachov was their answer for a Soviet Light regime, those who are still pulling for a reformed Islam are waiting for a similar persona like the last Soviet president, perhaps a Zuhdi Jasser, but their wait is in vain.
What is needed is a silver bullet, not a silver tongue. KGS

Is Islam About to Collapse? Egyptian Scholar Says ‘Yes’

“Many Muslim reformers make the mistake that they do not really want to break the chain holding the Islamic system together. They try to paint the chain in their favourite colour, and call this a ‘Reform’. I believe that the untouchable nature of the Quran stands in our way, and we need to leave this behind. Without polemicising against it or destroying it, we must simply separate ourselves from this notion that this is the word of god, providing relevant instructions for daily life in the 21st century. Post-quranic discourse means that we need to look for other explanations and solutions for our lives today.”
Thilo Sarrazin has caused a major controversy in Germany by breaking the greatest taboo of political correctness and talking about the harm that Muslim immigration is doing to his country. He’s not the only one discussing this forbidden topic, but he has raised the temperature of the conversation and drawn public attention to other people who are saying similar things.
One of them is Hamed Abdel-Samad, a young Egyptian-German who criticizes Islamic culture and insists it must move beyond the death-grip imposed by its own holy book. The following interview with Mr. Abdel-Samad is from a news program on German television. Many thanks to the Gates of Vienna reader who sent the tip, to the Counterjihad Collective for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it:


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