Obama: That’s right!
It’s not just the Democrats who have been turning a very blind eye to the problem of mass illegal immigration into the US from its southern borders with Mexico, RINO Republicans have allowed the situation to exasperate to catastrophic proportions as well. KGS
H/T: Baron Bodissey
The American Political Action Committee (AmeriPAC) posted an article online on September 17, 2010 titled, “Obama Gives Illegals Get Out of Jail Card Free” written by Alan M. Gottlieb, Chairman that shows that “the Obama regime has radically changed the federal immigration enforcement stategy to REDUCE the threat of deportation for millions of illegals.”
The article goes on to explain that Obama has ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to dismiss deportation cases for those illegals who haven’t committed “serious crimes.”
To my way of thinking, just crossing the border without legal authority is a “serious crime” and using that criterion they should ALL be deported. But even so, if more tolerance could reduce that violation of our laws to less than a “serious crime,” we know that it will only be a matter of hours, and more likely minutes, before they do commit a “serious crime.”
And as Gottlieb further states, “Obama has turned a blind eye on the surge in violent crimes committed by illegals across the country and is now giving them more rights than law-abiding Americans.”
There is no question that Obama’s prime motive for ordering such a radical order counter to proper law enforcement and protection of our sovereignty laws is as apparent as a bright floodlight: ‘Keep them here until at least after they have voted on November 2, 2010.’ He must think that we Americans are as dumb as most of the actions are that he takes every day. He isn’t fooling anyone but himself and just piling up more and more evidence to be used against him for impeachment.

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