A thought keeps nagging the Tundra Tabloids about how the Swedish political Left and Right, refuses to have any dealings with the Sweden Democrats. It’s not that it’s uncommon in European politics, no far from it, the ruling elite do it all the time, like with the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, or the PVV in Holland and now the Sweden Democrats in Sweden, more than likely there are other examples in Europe as well.
Keeping their political opponents out of government is a tactic which the arrogant ruling elite absolutely relishes. It gives them the grand opportunity of not only sidelining the opposition, but it also gives them a chance to try and show off their newly found high moral values: “We’re not going to have any kind of cooperation with them….” goes the worn cliché, which effectively spits on the will of the people that voted the party into parliament.
Now please take note that the ruling political elite in Sweden who have all agreed not to have anything to do with the “bad boys” of the Sweden Democrats, are the very same people who demand from Israel, time and again, to sit at the negotiation table with the other bad boys in the region, which have sworn to kill every last man woman and child until the land is cleansed of the Jews.
Think about it again for a moment. The very same Swedish parties who refuse to deal with the Sweden Democrats, a party that’s just critical of what mass immigration has done to the Swedish welfare system, are the very same people who demand that Israel should recognize as a credible negotiating partner, those who, if they had the chance, would kill every last Jew in the Land of Israel.

Oh the hypocrisy: Here is Mona Sahlin, leader of the Swedish SDP talking about how the SDP’s sister party the al-Fatah are denied the right to practice party politics in Gaza:

Sweden SDP: Reports from human rights organizations, and from my own party people visiting Gaza, gives evidence that our sister party Al Fatah can not carry out political work in Gaza any more. It is not acceptable that a sister party is denied the right to work. We must protest and act against this. It is also not acceptable that the women in Gaza are now under severe oppression. It is not acceptable.

And here is Ilya Meyer taking not that at a anti-Israel rally, Monica Sahlin took part in the rally though Hezbollah and Hamas flags fluttered in the wind:

Ilya Meyer: “During the Gaza Campaign Mona Sahlin, the leader of the Social Democrats, participated in an anti-Israel rally in Stockholm(4) at which Hizballah and Hamas flags were flown and an Israeli flag was burned.(5) Jan Eliasson, the former foreign minister,(6) and Wanja Lundby Wedin, chair of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation,(7) also took part in that event.”

Funny how that is, if a Sweden Democrat flag is nearby, ol’Monica and the rest would do an about face, but if it’s a genocidal movement like Hamas and Hezbollah, it’s okay.

Then there is the Swedish National Coalition’s Carl Bildt, who has no problem being with brutal dictators, or supporting people who want to break Israel’s legal anti-weapons blockade of Gaza. In short, Bildt is cooperating with Hamas. 

Sweden, Israel and the Jews blog writes this about Swedenäs FM Carl Bildt: 
FiM (Carl Bildt) notes that Shaath, “belongs to one of the more radical elements [he has been seen in meeting with Hamas leaders in February] which sees a peace process mostly as a way to achieve a Palestinian state. Once this is accomplished he doesn’t see anything wrong in Hamas continuing their war against Israel—this time in a stronger position”. That Carl Bildt is encouraging such two-faced politics doesn’t come as a surprise after what we have learned recently about his involvement in Sudan. In short, Bildt was on the board of a company which is accused of using war lords to violently expel rebelling local inhabitants in order to aid the same Swedish corporation in drilling for oil. 

The Swedes have a strange political system, which has been badly warped from decades of Social Democrat misrule, it’s a form of political retardation that is soon to have injected into it a new shot of rejuvenation, as the Sweden Democrats become a force to be reckoned with, bringing taboo subjects to the parliament floor and forcing the political status quo to debate them.

Swedes today converged into the same plaza in the center of Stockholm to demonstrate against the Sweden Democrats entering into parliament, it’s also the very same place with more than likely the very same people who were rubbing elbows with those carrying Hezbollah and Hamas flags.

Perhaps after the SD party has been able to speak to the people directly in open parliament sessions, the Swedish people might come to the slow realization that they’ve been sold a bill of goods about the SD party for far too long, and realize that their hopes lie with a party like the Sweden Democrats who willing to speak the truth, and at great personal cost, and not with the SDP or the National Coalition who have no problem rubbing elbows with those who support the intolerant ideologies of the enemies of Israel.

The real fascists and their 

SDP/National Coalition supporters

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