The Elder of Ziyon  offers an interesting observation, that needs to be explored further, over how much of the tax payers’ money is actually going to fund terrorism directed against Israel, and it looks like it’s a lot. It’s another reason why Western aid to the Arabs who label themselves “Palestinians” needs to be cut off almost completely, it’s never done anything of great importance to help these Arabs other than to help them carry out their dirty war of terrorism against the Jewish state. KGS
Arafat from hell: The Elder of Ziyon’s right, my terrorist forces
couldn’t have acted without this jizya from the foolish West

In Time magazine, a telling paragraph:

And there is a third security force that Gazans fear: Hamas’ highly secretive Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the movement’s armed resistance wing, which carries out violent attacks on Israel and whose members have a reputation for being some of Hamas’ most steadfast adherents. Referring to both the uniformed police and the plainclothes Internal Security, one civilian says, “They’re all Qassam.” The government does little to deny it. “Many of the Qassam operate within both the Qassam brigades and the Internal Security,” Interior Ministry spokesman Ehab al-Ghossain tells TIME. “In our laws, we do not prevent any resistance fighter from joining the police or a security service, provided that he is committed to the rules and regulations of the department he belongs to … We make sure that their activities, outside of their official jobs, remain separate.”

The research team that I put together last year (with Suzanne, t34zakat and PTwatch) had already determined that some 75% of the policemen killed in Gaza during Cast Lead were also members of terror groups, so this is hardly surprising to readers of this blog. 
However, it made me wonder: who pays the salaries of the security forces in Gaza?
At first blush, one would be certain that Hamas pays them all. However, a little number crunching indicates that between at least a $269M is paid out of the PA budget to security in Gaza annually, and perhaps as much as $630 million!

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