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This goes way beyond the pale. The people of Britain better start making a fuss over this flagrant immoral policy before their society begins to sink even further into “Dar al-Islam”. Get angry, but most importantly, get vocal and very politically motivated, it’s up to you Brits to put and end to this Islamization of your society. 

Just think of this the next time around your media smears the EDL, or any other Counterjihad movement as intolerant and conspiracy nuts. This has been happening throughout the UK, with vast numbers of people in on the policy, and yet, it’s the same people who deny Islamization is happening.

Remember folks, the UK is not the only state involved in such nonsense, the more one digs, the more one will find how fast your liberal democracies have sunken into appeasement of Islamic fundamentalists. We need more investigative journalists hot on the trail finding out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. KGS
DAILY MAIL: A Mail on Sunday investigation – which will alarm anyone concerned about animal cruelty – has revealed that schools, hospitals, pubs and famous sporting venues such as Ascot and Twickenham are controversially serving up meat slaughtered in accordance with strict Islamic law to unwitting members of the public.

All the beef, chicken and lamb sold to fans at Wembley has secretly been prepared in accordance with sharia law, while Cheltenham College, which boasts of its ‘strong Christian ethos’, is one of several top public schools which also serves halal chicken to pupils without informing them. 

Even Britain’s biggest hotel and restaurant group Whitbread, which owns the Beefeater and Brewers Fayre chains, among many others, has admitted that more than three-quarters of its poultry is halal.
Manchester United fan eating a burger at the new Wembley Stadium, during the FA Cup Final Chelsea v Manchester United

A Manchester United fan tucks into a burger at Wembley Stadium, which serves only halal meat
Animal welfare campaigners have long called for a ban on the traditional Islamic way of preparing meat – which involves killing animals by drawing a knife across their throats, without stunning them first – saying it is cruel and causes unnecessary pain.

Sharia law expressly forbids knocking the animal out with a bolt gun, as is usual in British slaughter houses. Instead, it must be sentient when its throat is cut, and the blood allowed to drip from the carcass while a religious phrase in praise of Allah is recited.

The extent of halal meat consumption, even in areas of Britain with a very small Muslim population, was revealed as the Pope, on his first visit to Britain, expressed fears that the country was not doing enough to preserve traditional Christian values and customs.

In a strongly worded speech to Parliament, he said: ‘There are those who argue that the public celebration of festivals such as Christmas should be discouraged, in the questionable belief that it might somehow offend those of other religions or none.’

But it is animal rights groups which have been most vociferous in their opposition to halal slaughter. Campaign organisation Viva!, whose supporters include Heather Mills and Joanna Lumley, said in a statement: ‘Other practices which may be undertaken for religious reasons, such as polygamy or the stoning of adulterers, are not permitted in the UK.

‘Religious freedom does not override other moral considerations and the suffering caused by this form of slaughter is so severe that it cannot be allowed to prevent action to be taken. Consumers can do their bit by boycotting places that persist in selling meat from unstunned animals.’
Race-goers indulge in some fast food at Ascot

Race-goers indulge in some fast food at Ascot where meat is slaughtered in accordance with strict Islamic law

An RSPCA spokesman added: ‘The public have a right to know how their meat is produced. Many people are extremely concerned about animal welfare. What The Mail on Sunday has discovered shows that people are not being kept informed. The key to a more humane death for these animals is that they are stunned before slaughter.’

A spokesman for Twickenham, which sells only halal chicken despite not advertising the fact, insisted that the lack of transparency ‘had never been an issue’ and said: ‘Our consideration is more for those who want halal, to ensure they get it.’

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  1. Most New Zealand lamb is slaughtered under halal regulations and has been for decades. There is no difference between what goes to the Mid East and what goes to Europe. So if you eat lamb you are probably eating halal meat. This is a bit of a non story.

  2. It's not a non-story for me. How would Muslims feel if they were served kosher and told it didn't matter?

    Not only is halal offensive to me, it also seems to be an intrinsic art of Islamization. It increases jobs for the Muslim boys, whilst making Islamic mores and norms more acceptable… which is totally unacceptable.

    The worst thing is its not even labelled which means infurtaied dhimmis like myself have no choice but to swallow what Islam shoves down my throat. I am not impressed.

  3. Sheep meat imported into the UK from New Zealand is being slaughtered in the Halal tradition and not labelled as such. This deprives the consumer of his/her choices and is a deliberate devious act by the New Zealand producers. Incidentally Sikhs are forbiden to eat Halal food. I believe that the labelling issue effects New Zealand milk products as well.

  4. So, both the clergy of the Christians & of the Muslims tell us “there is no difference” between Halal & Non Halal foods. If this is true (& it is a lie), why then don’t the meat exporters just tell their customers that Non Halal food is really Halal? We are told it “makes no difference”, so Muslims, “Prove It.” You can do this by eating Non Halal foods. If you say there is no difference, why would you not? > Let me put it another way. …. If while working in a slaughter house, I were to Bless/Curse all the meat in the name of Satan but not tell anyone until you ate it, how would YOU feel? Do you see my point now? ….. Just because You prefer Your food to be blessed in the name of YOUR god, does not mean that this is a good thing for everyone! > On the money side of things, the task of slaughtering may be done ONLY By Muslims! Australians & others who are Non Muslim are NOT allowed to do this job. So what? You may ask. … So,, the job of slaughtering is paid at a Rate of up to THREE Times the rate of other workers (Australians), doing much harder jobs in the same place!! Qualifications to work as a Slaughterer are:: 1/ You Must be a Muslim. 2/ You must be able to say the Muslim prayer over the animal. 3/ You Must be able to Push 1 Button.!! …. If nothing else, this is Racist Against Australians!

  5. Wouldn’t it be funny if workers in all those chicken take-away places, began to cook their chickens in Pig’s Blood & NOT say anything about it!?? Can you imagine the uproar from muslims if this were really done & someone said what went on for the past year or so? …………….. “But really people, There is No Difference! so why complain about it?” “It tastes just the same, so what’s the difference?” ….. Seeee, it’s not as nice when the shoe is on the other foot, is it!!?? …. P.S. ( There really are some places who have been doing this & similar activities for over 5 years now. Why has no one complained I wonder? )

  6. “Halal Killing” ::: By strictest definition, Halal killing means killing the animal in the Cruelest & Most Barbaric Way Possible!!! … & Yet, Inspectors claim that when animals are killed on “a commercial basis”, the killings are done as Humanely as possible! … So my Question to this is;; Does this activity make so called Halal meat, ‘Non-Halal meat’? OR,, Are the inspectors all liars? … It must be one or the other. … If someone has a different answer, I would like to hear it. …. By the way,, I Do NOT Eat Halal Food at all. I am a vegetarian & I grow ALL of my own vegetables & fruits. I get fresh milk from a neighbour which I churn into butter & make some yoghurt too. Bread is home made & the grain to make it comes from yet another neighbour. It costs me nothing, as we all barter. … I’m not a fanatic, I just do things this way because I like to.

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