The Tundra Tabloids couldn’t care less how many individual Muslims -writing in the comments to any given article here, or in the MSM, critical of Islam- whine on about how all Muslims are being unfairly tarred with the same brush, and then “give proof” by saying that they themselves are not pushing for Islamization, “so there”.
Until we see Muslims, or anyone that identifies with Islam, in a very high profile way, and in increasing numbers, denouncing political sharia, the violent institution of jihad and the Islamization of the Western countries in which they live, they should be seen as constituting a potential fifth column of subversion. You can’t have it both ways, crying about discrimination and bigotry, Islamophobia one the one hand, and yet do nothing to stop Islamization.

When the very seats of Islamic learning around the world are continuously being challenged by mild/modernist Muslims here in the West, and with large vocal, and most importantly, sustained support from their communities, then and only then, will those of us in the Counterjihad begin to take them seriously. KGS
Björn Söder: Ekeroth is right, 
Islamization can happen real fast

The Local “It can happen really fast,” said Sweden Democrat party secretary Björn Söder to the TT news agency.
Söder is number two behind party leader Jimmie Åkesson on the Sweden Democrat party list. As party secretary, his role is to stake out the party’s line on key issues.
The Iranian revolution came up as Söder was explaining statements made by Sweden Democrat international secretary Kent Ekeroth, who could also find himself with a seat in the Riksdag following Sunday’s vote.
Ekeroth said previously that “Sweden and western countries are at risk of going out with a whimper” because of the influence of Islam, drawing a connection to 1400 years of Muslim aggression.
Nor did Ekeroth see any real distinction between ordinary Muslims and militant Islamists.
“I think that he brings up a very timely problem and as I see it, Islamification is a question of destiny for the entire western world,” Söder told TT.
According to Söder, all Muslims are “bearers of an ideology”.
“It’s a political ideology disguised as religion. And I think that it’s a very appropriate subject to address, otherwise we’ll be facing the same problem that Iran did in 1979. It can happen really fast.”

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