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This is exactly the kind of voice the Tundra Tabloids has been hammering on about for years, but guess what folks, how many people claiming to be Muslim, living here in the West, are going to rally around him and make him their standard bearer? When this kind of voice becomes the normal voice of Islam in the West, and takes the lead in challenging orthodoxy Islam abroad… then, and only then can you say something positive is happening. KGS
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Abdel-Samad: My dream, in fact, is an enlightened Islam, without Sharia law and without jihad, without gender apartheid, proselytizing and the mentality of entitlement. A religion that is open to criticism and questions. As far as I’m concerned, I converted from faith to knowledge some time ago.
NOTE: Take note that the man refuses to go all the way and totally reject Islam in full, due to his reluctance to reject his Muslim culture. Well, it matters little to the Tundra Tabloids, as long as he’s for ending sharia law and jihad, gender apartheid and dawa and the mentality of entitlement. While he’s at it, he can call for the end to the socialist mentality of  entitlement as well. How much you want to bet that the man is a card carrying SDP member?

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  1. I saw this post Vlad blog.

    This person appears to be well meaning, atleast one gathers that by his attitude and deneanor.

    My brief position is this. Regardless of any movement of Muslims towards a ‘Reformation’ of sorts, one should be mindful of a couple of things

    1. The concept of Taqqiya

    2. We should never put the future safety and existence of our civilisation in the hands of the historic enemy of the West, no matter how friendly and well disposed he may be at the moment. Our safety must always rest in our hands.

    If Islam collapses, all to the good, but that does not mean that we should give it a sympathetic hearing, specially now, when it is under acute examination in the West, in the hope that it is going to collapse soon. Quite the contrary, it must be subjected to even greater pressure.

  2. Dear Mr. Hamed Abdel-Samad
    I watched you on German Television and other channels which encouraged me to write about this matter
    Religious Persecution Against us for over 30 years in America
    “If one member suffers, all suffers together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” 1Corinthians 12:26

    I am a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Egypt. My brother Baheg and I have been persecuted by Egyptian government for our Christian Faith. And in America its Egyptian agents have been systematically persecuting us. The Egyptian agent are Muslim militants ant-Christians. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has been covering-up said Egyptian agents for over thirty (30) years and even now. My brother Baheg and I have under siege by Egyptian agents for all these years until now. In Egypt, the Egyptian agents killed many members of my family. They set my brother Mamdoh up in a car incident which hit him and killed him. Before that they killed my father when the physician injected him with poison and died promptly. Egyptian agents killed my uncle Sarabana Shaker by poisoning the tea he drank. My nephew, Dr. Nashat Bistawros, M.D. was killed by poisoning his drink in a hospital.
    The Egyptian government is responsible for the murder of Egyptian Christians, the kidnaping of Christian girls, rape, and forced to convert to Islam, the burning down of churches & shops of Christians, false imprisonment and torture of innocent Christians, and daily oppression of Christians to give up their Christian faith. The Egyptian agents are Muslim militants, anti-Christians. And they operate under the umbrella of the Egyptian Embassies and Consulates in America and around the world. Some of the Egyptian Government’s (though Egyptian agents) Crimes against Us in America are:
    Attempt to murder me by poisoning my food while in Egypt;
    • The poison of eye-drops to cause blindness/loss of vision;
    • Tapping of our telephone line & using listening devices and hidden cameras at home;
    • Daily practice of witchcraft against us. They communicate with evil spirits causing irritation, physical pain & sleeplessness;
    • Creating financial hardship by obstructing employment even free food.
    The Egyptian government has Egyptian agents who infiltrated the FBI and The police has been covering up its illegal activities in the U.S. We are suffering in silence. Please pray for us, and help us to break this bondage and share our story with others. God bless you Thank you.
    Sincerely, Samuel Bistawros
    1793 Ivy Court
    Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 USA

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