Or at least that is the intention of the dhimmi inspired VCAT ruling for next year’s Ramadan season. The demand for the covering of shoulders and thighs will effect Christians, Jews and everyone else in order to placate the few within the Muslim community who are pushing for this statute.
You see folks, the meme of, “the majority of Muslims are moderate so what’s the big deal?”, falls flat on its face, for it only takes a small group of committed, intimidating, and very vocal individuals to get the larger group of Muslims to get their minds right. That is why allowing mass groups of Muslims, no matter how “moderate” they are supposed to be, means absolutely nothing.
For an example, avery small clique of Bolsheviks took command of the larger socialist movement in 1917, as well as Ayatollah Khomenie’s small group of Islamic fundamentalists quickly took power of the movement during the height of the revolution againt the Shah of Iran. The size of the troublesome group is insignificant when weighed against their ability to intimidate, and most importantly, suppress the will of the majority. 
Therefore, what we critical voices of the Counterjihad movement have been saying all along about the mass immigration of people from 3rd world Muslim states, is in fact true, as this article shows. Regardless of the number of secular, or “moderate-modernist” Muslims immigrating to the West, the group as a whole will always pose a risk for the host society, given the fact that within these communities, everwhere, exist strong groups of fundamentalist agitators who have consistently and successfully managed to be accepted by the Muslim minority and non-Muslim majority as speaking for the Muslim community.
In the US you have the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, the faux civil rights group, Council on American and Islamic Relations, that are radicals, with members of their group haveing been jailed, their dues paying members are miniscule to the amount they rake in from abroad, and yet, they are seen by top US officials throughout the US as “speaking for the Islamic community”. The same will happen in Finland once the Islamic community reaches critical mass. Right now there are only 30 000 in a population of 5.2 million, but once that number reaches 5 to 6% of the population…then we’ll see the same here. KGS

H/T Fjordman

Cover up for pool event during next year’s Ramadan

UPDATE 12.35pm: A PLAN to force families to cover up to avoid offending Muslims at a public event has triggered furious debate.
An overwhelming 94 per cent of heraldsun.com.au readers disagree with the legal ruling approving the contentious ban during next year’s Ramadan.
So far the Premier John Brumby has refused to weigh into the debate about the event, saying he will wait to see the VCAT ruling before making any comment.
VCAT has approved a ban on uncovered shoulders and thighs for a community event to be held at the Dandenong Oasis, a municipal pool.
“Participants aged 10 and over must ensure their bodies are covered from waist to knee and the entire torso extending to the upper arms,” a request by Dandenong City Council and the YMCA states in an exemption application to the Equal Opportunities Act.

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