And why shouldn’t they. especially when the demand comes from an administration that hasn’t a problem with a radical Imam building a victory mosque on the hallowed burial ground of 9/11. Nope, Obama hasn’t a problem with that, but a Jew building a home in his ancestral homeland causes him extreme angst.*  KGS
Boy this guy is butt ugly

Mubarak, the man who demands Jews to stop building houses while he’s more than content in seeing it’s Copt community living in the trash of Cairo.

Gov’t rejects extended freeze, despite heavy pressure

PA official tells ‘Post’ he has ‘no explanation’ for US optimism; Mubarak: I told PM not to restart building, but he said he had no choice.
Despite considerable pressure from both the US and Egypt to continue the settlement construction moratorium for another three months, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s senior ministers, a forum known as the septet, decided this week not to extend the freeze.
Since a cabinet decision was needed to put the freeze into effect last November, another cabinet decision would be needed to extend it, and the septet decided, before Netanyahu’s meeting in Jerusalem with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, not to ask for an extension.
* TINSC mentioned that very point to the TT in a conversation a little while ago.

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