Thanks to Vlad for grabbing this and uploading the Tundra Tabloids’ translation. I find it incredible that a state TV channel funded by the Finnish taxpayer is spending hard earned tax money in attacking a political party of a neighboring country. Of course they more than likely got help from their counterparts in Sweden. This political environment in which we live, is really retarded, especially in Sweden. KGS

NOTE: I wonder if the Finnish state broadcaster YLE2 violated any rule in making the report?

Related: Here’s a good report on the Sweden Democrats from all places, the New York Slimes:

Swedish Nationalist Group Surges Amid Protests

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Polls in Sweden show a small anti-immigration party is likely to enter Parliament for the first time in elections Sunday, despite attempts by vuvuzela-blowing protesters to disrupt the nationalist group’s campaign rallies.
The Sweden Democrats are warning that lenient immigration policies are threatening the country’s welfare system, and a series of recent surveys shows the party has climbed above the 4 percent threshold necessary to enter to the legislature.
That could create disarray if neither the center-right government nor the left-wing opposition wins a majority in the 349-seat assembly, because neither side wants to rely on the support of the Sweden Democrats.
In the final days of campaigning, both blocs have warned voters against bringing the party into Parliament, saying it represents xenophobic views that don’t belong in a country seen as tolerant and welcoming to refugees.
Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, advocates sharp cuts in immigration and has called Islam the greatest foreign threat to Swedish society since World War II.

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