Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Belgium NGO's


This is one of the sicker societies in Europe, Belgium, they’re racing neck and neck with the Swedes to see who reaches the bottom of the barrel first. Oh, and rest assured, the Flemish NGO in question are socialists, not the Vlaams Belang, who are ardently pro-Israel. These people running these vehemently anti-Israel NGO’s are deranged. KGS

H/T Philosemitism via Tanguy Veys

Belgian NGO incites children to shoot at Israeli soldiers at the Ghent Fair

At the famous and very popular Ghent Festivities, which took place in July, a Flemish NGO had an anti-Israel stand where the big attraction was aimed at children. Young children were invited to shoot at figurines representing Israeli soldiers placed on boats floating in a small aquarium. The weapon for shooting/killing Israelis was a coin and the money thus raised will serve to fund a new hate flotilla. This incitement campaign aimed at children in view of tens of thousands of people didn’t seem to meet with the disapproval of the fair organisers, the city authorities, the police or the public.  One can imagine what would have happened if kids had been asked to aim at Muslim soldiers ! We understand that the same NGOs is now looking for a larger fish tank to be exhibited at a fair to be held shortly at another Flemish city … It has became a tradition to demonize Israel at  Ghent festivals

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  1. It looks almost like a scene depicting 'hate week' in the book or movie 1984, True Orwellian tactics to promote hate on a group or country.

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