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Published at the Tundra Tabloids with the expressed permission by the Israeli Ambassador to Finland and Estonia, His Excellency, Avi Granot. KGS


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The entire Scum-Gate story, that the Tundra Tabloids broke with the help of Vasarahammer, can be found here



9 Responses

  1. Thank you Mr. Johansson
    Now you can go back under your stone and relax.

    An ordinary Israeli

  2. Well said. KGS

    Out of respect to the Ambassador, I'm holding my tongue.

  3. The origins of Political correctness and its deliberately designed destructive effects on Western culture.

    Here are a couple of videos that are a Must See.

    Ad Israel is Western as well as in the frontline against Islam, attacks on it from the Left are natural.

    These two videos are a must see.

  4. And that's it?

    We are supposed to accept this apology under duress? We are supposed to let this lie when Amnesty International attempted to defend this man's words as a "mistranslation"?

    Come on people – the problem is deep and AI must be repeatedly shamed and discredited until their credibility around the world is so dire that they are forced to take serious action to change the culture in their organisation.

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