Folks, the situation for Jews in Europe is going from bad to worse, in record breakneck speed, regardless of all the lip service and organizational funding to combat anti-Semitism, it still thrives nonetheless in Europe. Why is that so one should ask? 
It’s because of a mixed blend of failed socialist social policies that turn an automatic blind eye to any anti-Semitism if it originates within the immigrant communities, communities mind you, they’ve sworn to defend no matter how anti-liberal and bigoted they may be, as well as fomenting a political climate in which such anti-Semitism appears to be acceptable, especially when it’s done under the guise of criticism of Israel.
What we see here is a complicit behavior by the Dutch government (and elsewhere in Europe, Norway and Sweden immediately come to mind) in casting the mold for increased political tolerance of acceptable levels of anti-Semitic behavior, for future generations, because it suits the political elite’s agenda in sustaining the social welfare state. KGS

Ah.. the Dutch welfare state made its choice
they’re giving us our walking papers

From the Bad News From The Netherlands blog

The number of registered complaints regarding anti-Semitic discrimination increased by 50% in 2009 as against 2008. The number of registered cases of incidents against homosexuals has increased by about 13%. Of all registered cases of physical abuse and public violence, more than one third concern homosexuals. 
Ronnie Naftaniel, Director of the Center for Information and Documentation About Israel (CIDI), warns that these figures are the tip of the iceberg. Many incidents are not registered. The same reaction was given by the Homosexual Interest Organization (COC). The original data were published by the National Criminality Picture of Discrimination of the Police. These figures contradict the data of the Anne Frank Foundation which based itself on obsolete figures.

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