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A notice of warning to all the thick upstairs folk that can’t understand why these three men are dead. If a man holding a loaded RPG suddenly appears while you just happen to be standing around, near the Gaza border security fence -that has been the scene of the constant launching of mortars, rockets, hand grenade throwing and infiltrations leading to kidnappings as in the Gilad Schalit case- don’t stand there chatting with him. KGS

NOTE: And we’re supposed to feel sorry for these morons with the RPG, while being angry at the supposedly mean, and heartless IDF soldiers? Please don’t make me laugh. What in the world were they doing there in the first place, and after knowing full well that these border areas are highly sensitive and volatile areas in the first place?

IDF: 2 Gazans killed at border Sunday were not terrorists

91-year-old and grandson were standing next to a man holding RPG; IDF: This is not the type of result that we would like from such incidents.
Two Palestinians killed on Sunday by IDF fire along the Gaza border were not engaged in terrorist activity but were standing next to a Palestinian who was pointing a loaded RPG at the Israeli military force, an investigation of the incident has revealed.
The incident took place Sunday evening when troops deployed along the security fence spotted a man pointing a loaded RPG in their direction. Earlier in the day, the IDF detected a number of people who had also approached the security fence in the area, and soldiers fired several warning shots.

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  1. Don't worry the liberal MSM will make them out to be 'misunderstood', the lame explanation will be "after all they didn't launch it". The apologist spin masters make me sick.

  2. The MSM does not consider the facts, but how they can spin them.

  3. "human shields" are not terrorists.

    There is trutherism inside of stoopid!

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