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This is a shocking statement, something that would never have been uttered here in Finland, not in a million years, but Sweden, well, it’s another kind of place. This Prime Minister proves that Sweden is not operating as a normal functioning democracy, it’s being run more along the lines of a oligarchy, with the main parties, run by a similar clique of self deemed elitists, call the shots. Take note that the only other party, to its credit, to come out against the series of violent acts against the Sweden Democrats, was from a miniscule party of Leftists. The following is picked straight from the GOV, which of course allows the Tundra Tabloids to do. KGS

Swedish Prime Minister: SD Had it Coming

by Baron Bodissey

mentioned last weekend that a party member of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) was attacked by Muslims (with the encouragement of native “anti-fascists), who carved a swastika in his forehead.

Reinhard of ICLA sends this brief update on what the Swedish Prime Minister has to say about the incident:

Fredrik ReinfeldtAs reported by Helsingborgs Dagblad, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said:

“I want to stress that those who make a living out of inciting an us-against-them mentality and a thoroughly hateful way of looking at relations between people should not be surprised if these things happen.”

His view is that the Sweden Democrats’ entire idea is to use everything for their own purposes and to try to depict themselves as defenceless.

Even the leader of the Left party (=Communist) and Expo managed to condemn the attack, but our PM certainly didn’t.

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  1. That is the typical Liberal BS response always blame the victim for the crime.

  2. Well I'm sad having to live in a country with such a prime minister, he's truly a traitor to his country.
    You may be surprised that people in Sweden don't solve this problem by abandoning him and the parties who will continue on the Way Down. But you need to know that people are bombarded with propaganda in all mainstream media. Any opposition to the insane immigration flow politics is crushed by the soviet-like consensus in media – and labeled racists.
    I don't know what or who is controlling this cross-party cross-media consensus, but I know one thing:

    This Is Not Democracy.

  3. It's very 1984 Orweillian. The rulers trash any opposition, actively promote attacks against them, and spew propaganda to brainwash the citizens. Very disturbing.

  4. This is so typical. One can blame men opposing islam for begging for violence, but one cannot blame young women walking drunk and alone in the middle of the night through a park dressing miniskirt for being raped.

  5. Sweden is an international joke and embarrassment, which can no longer be rationally considered as a true democracy. Years of socialist misrule has ruined that country.

  6. To be blunt about it this is simply Fascism. The PM mischaracterizes the opposition's position and then uses it to give the green light for more violence against them.

  7. High profile Center Party Member of Parliament has been assaulted outside his home in Hammarby Sjöstad. According to Expressen, four men aged 20-25, wearing dark clothes and caps, took part in the assault. According to witnesses Fredrick Federley was kicked in the head. Apart from the assault, the perpetrators also stole Fredrick Federleys wallet.

    Fredrick Federley is one of Swedens best known MP's known for his fight for personal integrity and personal freedom. A lot of people, me included, hold this man in very high regard. Federley is very public about his homosexuality. Fredrick Federlays staunch supporter of Israel and, including donating money to the Israeli defense as well as a harsh critic of the methods the labour unions use to force small businesses to sign collective agreements. The Center Party was the main target of the Autonomous Left during the 2006 elections.

    The police so far believe this to be a "random assault". I hope that that is so. Sad enough if that is true. worse if it was about politics or about Fredrick Federleys sexual orientation. I do find it rather hard to believe though, that none of the four assailants would recognize such a public parliamentarian as Fredrick Federley.

    In Swedish:

    Through Google translate:

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