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Eero Heinäluoma on the Finnish program Pressiklubi: “Pekka Haavisto has fascist opinions. In a Helsingin Sanomat interview, he said that: “Somalis should be helped in Somalia. If I were to have said such a thing, the Prime Minister would have said that Heinäluoma was flirting with Fascism.” “Somalis should be helped in Somalia as well as here.”
Folks, as you know, at least most of you who follow the TT on a regular basis, you know that the TT cares very little for Greens type politics, in fact, I loathe their statist politics, because what they are all about is not really the environment, but for controlling your personal lives, meaning, controlling your finances and how you spend your free time, what you shop for and how you dispose of it, and how much carbon you exhale and on and on and on. They’re a hopeless lot.
What’s as hopeless, is the Social Democrats, a crass bunch of arrogant, self deemed elitist bunch of maroons who hold no moral principles, their main goals are to grab as much power for their party and for themselves, and screw the rest. How the average Finn stomachs going to the election booth time and time again to pull the lever for these clowns, I’ll never know. It’s embarrassing and disgusting to witness. The National Coalition and the Center Party (supposedly Center and Right-wing perspectively) are just as bad. But I digress.
The silliness of the Heinäluoma statement is seen when the actual quote is put into the proper context, showing what a bunch of liars these statists are, and the lengths they’ll go through to smear their opponents. For starters, it wasn’t the HS where the interview took place you big dope, it was the Suomen Kuvalehti.

Why has foster child applications increased in recent times?

“The situation in Mogadishu and southern Somalia has become more desperate. In Finland, easily overlooked that the largest numbers of refugees are inside Somalia and in neighboring countries. There are huge camps. Only part of the stream of refugees are coming to Europe, the USA, Australia and to other similar countries. “

Is it likely that the number of refugees from Somalia will rise further?

“Those attempting it certainly are. It would be best to help people in camps on the spot and make every effort to promote a peaceful solution in Somalia, so that people could return home. It would be most effective way to reduce the number of refugees.”

Folks, do you see how dishonest this SDP big-wig politician is in trying to spin the words of a man who’s only trying to find the best solution for the Somali refugee, no matter if you agree with his kind of politics or not? In fact, it’s disgusting, and it makes Eero Heinäluoma into a total jack ass, because you can’t spin the words of something that is not there, so he lied on public paid TV, on the Pressiklibi program. Start at the 17:00 minute mark for you Finnish speakers.
But one more thing, look how easy it is for him to label a fellow lefty a fascist (though in fact only a lefty could be called one) at the drop of a hat. So all of you out there fighting the good fight for securing our liberty, and fighting for the rights of the individual, and being against totalitarian, anti-liberal Islam, don’t worry when they call you a racist, bigot fascist or Islamophobe, for its a bunch of arrogant morons doing the name calling. KGS

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  1. The problem with Liberals and Liberal politicians is that they think they can 'save' the whole world and solve every humanitarian problem. However they never look ahead and realize the very high cost in cash and civil disruption in their own countries. The worst that happens is that refugees never assimilate and become a huge life long economic burden and crime problem to the host countries, long after all of the do-gooders are out of office.

  2. These politicians are a source of amusement and parody, mediocrity as a label is being far too kind.

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