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Finnish Foreign Minister, Alexander Stubb, thinks he understands Turkey, so much so, that he not only lauds the post-Kemal Attaturk secular state in today’s YLE morning TV broadcast, but also informs us of the Finnish government’s intention to soon submit a joint resolution in the Security Council with the Turkish government….. on peace brokering.

Certainly, lifting a profile here (Finland’s) is quite obviously in place and it’s not a detriment to do so with Turkey. This month, Turkey assumes the Security Council presidency and is known as a strong country for brokering peace. So, yes this is, without a doubt, also a question of lifting Finland’s own profile, Stubb says.

This is all done with a smile on his face, and apparently, not a care in the world over the fact that the Turkish government is far from being a state with true and honorable intentions for brokering peace, quite the contrary. The post-secular state of Turkey has an abysmal record for peace making, just ask the Kurds, as well as fomenting international clashes, as the Mavi Marmara incident showed, as well as showing sympathy for the terrorist organization Hamas. That the Turkish government allowed the terrorist affiliated IHH members on board the Mavi Marmara in advance of the other passengers who boarded from a different port, shows the lengths that the Turkish government went to lie, deceive and manipulate the entire international incident.
Turkey a broker for peace my eye.
Alexander Stubb: So what if the Turkish PM is busy subverting the democracy of Germany, in influencing ethnic Turk politicians living in Germany to drive Turkish interests instead of German ones. Once Turkey is in the European Union, cozy like, it won’t matter anymore! Right? Right? Huh… Right?

Here is a portion of the Stubb interview on today’s state broadcaster, YLE TV morning show: 

Turkey and Finland have agreed to present the UN General Assembly resolution on peace brokering. Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb (National Coalition, cons,), told YLE Morning TV. According to Stubb, the resolution is intended to strengthen the UN’s  legal basis for peace-brokering, transparency  and encourage UN member countries to commit to broad peace-brokering.

– Peace intermediation needs Martti Ahtisaari-type persons who can really forward peace. In addition, money is needed and institutions. When all these are within the UN legal basis, so it’s a long leap forward, imagines Stubb.

Finland’s goal is to reach the UN Security Council member. The initiative aims at raising the profile of Finland.

Here’s more on Alexander Stubb’s nonsense, which is quite alarming, since the Finnish government has never before sought an international role in mediating peace agreements between warring parties, and straight out of the gate they’re rushing to promote their new found role by lifting their profile with the Islamic fundamentalist regime of Turkey, and they’re proud of it. KGS

Finland’s Stubb: Turkey one of world’s top five countries

“The most assertive remarks concerning Turkey’s growing influence on the global stage came from Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb, who hailed the EU candidate country as “one of the top five countries in the world today” with respect to foreign policy. “Arguably, today Turkey is more influential in the world than any of our member states together or separately,” Stubb said Saturday. “It has a great influence in the Middle East, in the African Horn in the Persian Gulf, in Iran. It’s a truly global player, and we need to work together with Turkey right now on foreign and security policy.”

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