In spite of the Islamic fundamentalist Turkish regime’s positive economic policies, it still nonetheless represents very bad news for Europe. They are highly motivated to place Europe firmly within the house of Islam, if you don’t believe me, believe the Turkish PM himself as he demonstrates his willingness to repeatedly stick his nose in German domestic political affairs, while encouraging ethnic Turks in Germany to remain loyal to the Turkish state. KGS

UPDATE: Esther reminds the TT of an essay she wrote on this very subject, please read it in full here.

Esther: Erdogan has gone further, and called assimilation a ‘crime against humanity’. It sounded hypocritical coming from a guy whose country has an official policy to forcibly assimilate its Kurds and force them to be Turks, but besides that: it just sounded wrong.
Forcible assimilation might be a crime against humanity. Voluntary assimilation might be sad, but it’s actually a human right.
What does assimilation mean? It means you decide (voluntarily) to give up on your current group identity, the one you were born to and raised in, and join a different group. It means the right to marry whomever you want; the right to choose your own path in life, regardless of your parents’ customs; the right to choose your own name; the right to live anywhere you want; the right to choose your own religion and whether you have any; the right to decide how you dress; the right to decide how you raise your children; the right to decide which language you speak.
Calling assimilation a ‘crime against humanity’ means that all of those ‘rights’ are suddenly ‘crimes’. 
A weird statement, then, but still, I thought it understandable that Turkey would want its expats to keep in touch with their former home-country.

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