Here’s an excellent comment that sums up the dilemma of the media who find themselves increasingly irrelevant, (no wait, they are irrelevant) in discussing the recent events concerning the burn Koran issue, the GZ mosque and 9/11 remembrance ceremony. KGS

It really is fascinating to watch the Old Media struggling to find a role to play in today’s world. And even as they flail helplessly to find justification for their continued existence, they STILL feel it’s their obligation to spin, filter, or censor the news, instead of just reporting it in depth. Consider Dan “Rathergate” Rather’s last statement: 

“I quite agree. Once it goes viral, nobody can even conspire to say, ‘lets keep this thing down’. But we can (still) put it in context and put it in perspective.”

6 Responses

  1. Ah yes, the glorious gatekeepers helping us with our 'perspective.' What would we do without them?

  2. Heh…a lot better I would think, John. These drones are clueless to their vastly reduced significance. Only in the Beltway do they have any following, not in middle America which they loathe.

  3. The MSM IMHO is nothing more than a 'Ministry Of Truth And Propaganda', and dare not stray from the 'official party line and agenda', if they know what is good for them.

  4. Watch their hands flailing about – a symbol of their helplessness.

    Rather quote: Once it goes viral, nobody can even conspire to say, 'lets keep this thing down'.

    He should know.

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