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  1. The MSM and independent news hounds are all over this guy, like flies around a garbage can. Strangely they seem so silent on the subject concerning the hundreds of acts of violence perpetrated throughout the Islamic world on a daily basis. The murders of Muslims and non Muslims alike. The vicious beatings, rapes, and other horrific crimes on Infidels, and the destruction of Christian and other religious buildings.

  2. Like wolves, hyenas, coyotes, and any other predator groupings which hunt by the tactic of the pack, the MSM will pounce on a single target, believing him to be the weakest and therefore easily taken down. Notice the taunt, "Man up; give us your name," so that they can give him the Joe the Plumber treatment. Fortunately the target, at least on the video shown, resists giving them any information, realizing that anything he says will be not seen as helpful but used as rope material to hang him.

  3. They're predictable. Glad to see the guy kept his mettle and didn't blurb something that could be warped out of context and recognition.

  4. "This video has been removed by the user". Why does U-Bend keep using this lie? There can't be many people that don't know or guess that it isn't the user who has removed the video.

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