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They came at him with knives
carved a swastika on his forehead

Here is the vid uploaded by Vlad, of the meeting by the Sweden Democrats that was interrupted by the AFA activist/thugs, that took place prior to the knife attack against the SD candidate. According to Reinhard, the AFA (anti-fascists) marked the home of this Sweden Democrat, then the Arabs came to visit with their long knives. KGS
The Baron has more here.
NOTE: Reinhard also states about the Swedish internal political environment that gives rise to such violent anti-democratic behavior: “The problem is that you have a state apparatus which is intimately intertwined with a very specific morality with a narrow stretch of acceptable opinions you can have. That’s why the Swedish establishment will never condemn political violence against SD.”

September 11, 2010 12:00 EDT
In Sweden Democrats on Friday organized a meeting square in central Malmö. About 500 left-wing extremists sabotaged the meeting by including, rockets and arson. Later in the evening appeared a couple of leftist extremists at the apartment of the Sweden Democrat, David von Arnold, who is a candidate to municipality and county.
With knife threats they forced themselves into the apartment where in about 20 minutes they were torturing  David with a knife, for example, a neck scratch and cut a swastika on his forehead. Leftist extremists, who spoke in an Arab-like language and Swedish […] threatened David because he participated in the Square meeting together with their leftist counterparts […], also took the chance to steal David’s computer and money before they disappeared.
Sweden Democrat party leader, Jimmie Akesson, commented:
– My first reaction when I heard during the night that David was tortured in his home was an unreal feeling. It is difficult for me to come to terms with the idea that many socialists considered threats, violence and torture as a legitimate political tool. It is as far as one can get from the democratic values that I and my party represents.

By way of Reinhard and the GOV: “New information to be added from here: QUOTE The police have confirmed that the perpetrators put up stickers from the organisation AFA, Anti-fascist action, an organisation which for many years has been known for using violence against those opponents whom AFA defines as being anti-democratic and belonging to racist organizations. Also, the attack lasted 20 minutes.

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  1. That's getting serious in Sweden. Do the elites in control not care? Do they not think they would be next?

  2. You only useful purpose for Sweden is to serve as the canary in the coal mine. It's past redemption,attacked by the twin cancers of socialism and islam. They only have themselves to blame,they voted for what they have.

  3. Sad it is to say this, but I think your analysis is indeed correct.

  4. This pathetic state of apathy not only infests Sweden but many Western, QUAZI Democracies. The next big one to fall, if the Liberals get into power, will be Canada…Oh how I despise Liberal, progressive Socialists.
    Look at the dire situation that plagues the U.S.A. Obama has totally ruined the economy, he's pushed America back in economic terms. Anyone who thinks they are going to eliminate coal or any other fossil fuel is not functioning properly. To be very honest I think he's one hell of a dumb person…and don't call me a racist, the guy is way in over his head with the position of power that was handed over to him.
    Political Correctness is an insidious disease that originated inside the workings of the liberal/socialist doctrine. It will ruin everything that the West is about. These freaks will only be happy when everbody is forced to think as they are instructed, wipe their ass with a bone, beat their women (honour killings), live with no amenities other than maybe matches and no running water.
    But the tyrrants in charge will live like KINGS…PERSIAN KINGS.

    Dave Selvers
    Sault Ste. Marie Canada

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