A Swedish article takes aim at the Sweden Democrats, while in doing so, reveals the racism of the so called humanitarian Swedes themselves. Their thinking can be summed up simply in the following :”I don’t have any racism and prejudice, only those damn foreigners do.”

“Sweden has been especially: a generous and open country where sympathy with people from other parts of the world trumps the fear of the unknown. Swedes have kept their heads to call for the xenophobic tone that has attracted people in Denmark and Norway, France and Italy. Swedes have maintained that social problems will be resolved as we like to solve them, imaginative and humane – not by shifting or defame those who need help. Even less has Swedes wanted to judge people by skin color or religion.”

The rest of the article then devolves into a serious bashing of the Sweden Democrats. To quote the final paragraph: ”Those who care for Sweden will not vote the Sweden Democrats into the Swedish Parliament,’ the prime minister said last week. This is true. During the financial crisis we could see how important it is that the country is run efficiently and rationally. With the SD in Parliament this won’t be the case.” 

These people are insane. KGS